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Huge NFT collection starts on tangle using the super secure Meta Anchor™

  • Authentic Vision plans to launch an NFT collection of Crypto Gin on the IOTA blockchain network.
  • Authentic Vision has a unique Meta Anchor technology that makes NFTs completely copy-proof.

This Monday, December 26th, anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions provider Authentic Vision announced the launch of a new NFT collection in partnership with Crypto-Gin on DLT-based solutions.

Crypto Gin is a traditional handcrafted product that leverages traditional blockchain technology to store production data in a secure and immutable way. For the launch of the NFT collection, Authentic Vision will use the Secure Trademark meta anchor ™. This collection contains a total of 100 gin bottles and is based on the IOTA ecosystem.

Crypto Gin harnesses the power of the IOTA blockchain to finally enable a secure bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Here, 100 physical Crypto-Gin bottles get a digital representation in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Authentic Vision’s Meta Anchor™ technology uses a one-time use holographic fingerprint. It is therefore completely copy-protected. This technical feature of Authentic Vision has already been very successful in brand protection. In addition, this technology allows products to be securely and uniquely anchored in both the physical and digital worlds.

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When users scan the Meta Anchor with the Authentic Vision app, they can easily unlock digital actions and assets while providing real-time data and analytics. Authentic Vision Founder and CEO Thomas Weiss said:

The physical world will soon be reflected in the digital world. In the future, every object will have a digital twin, providing companies with great opportunities to create added value and monetize it.

IOTA and its growing NFT ecosystem

Recent developments taking place within the IOTA ecosystem have made the IOTA blockchain network a potential destination for launching non-fungible tokens (NFTs). IOTA unveiled his Shimmer on the staging network earlier this year. Developers can test new features in real conditions before introducing them to the IOTA mainnet.

The IOTA Shimmer Network facilitates NFT transactions while offering the same security guarantees and free properties available on the IOTA Tangle. Anyone can create and mint his NFT on the Shimmer blockchain network.

While creating a new NFT on the Shimmer Network, its native token $SMR will act as a storage deposit. The beauty of the Shimmer Network is that there are no fees for issuing or transferring NFTs on the platform. Additionally, Shimmer Network’s NFTs themselves act as wallets. In addition, users can also receive and hold other NFT tokens, unlocking exciting new use cases.

This is not the first time Authentic Vision has supported an NFT launch on IOTA. We also supported his NFT launch for Colton Beverage last month.

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