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Hro Launches Hybrid Physical/Digital DC Trading Cards

Warner Bros. Consumer Products and the Cartamundi Group have worked together to bring trading cards into the 21st century. It is a combination of physical and digital and Hro DC hybrid trading cards.

Physical cards, each with a DC character, are available in-store and online at Wal-Mart, Amazon (US and UK), and Online HRO shop.. Packs start at $ 4.99 and are available in a variety of sizes. 7 flow packs, 2 packs, 2 premium packs, 4 premium packs, 8 starter packs, and 24 card display units. The pack contains 7 to 168 cards, depending on the pack.

Hro offers the first DC-based hybrid NFT trading card with the ability to own a physical trading card with NFT components. This will bring blockchain technology and in-store presence for the first time. NFTs are created with Immutable X, an Ethereum-based carbon-neutral Layer2 blockchain. New cards will be available on shelves and digital wallets this month, with more content throughout the year.

Each card has a QR code that connects to the Hro app’s twin digital cards. This gives you access to the 24/7 Global Marketplace to buy, sell and trade the complete set. The Digital Marketplace also has rare DC art and movie souvenirs, DC content, and challenges to compete. There are also rewards and experiences that can only be earned by completing a challenge rather than purchasing it in full.

Various trading cards will be introduced at the first release Batman.. Some cards contain still images from movies and unique art not yet found in promotional materials. Like all trading cards, cards have unusual levels, ranging from general to unusual, better than epic, mythical to legendary.

If you think this might appeal to a very niche audience, think again. The first sale of the products sold at the Hro shop is already sold out. Therefore, there will be demand for these new collections, even if you may dismiss them immediately. To see at a glance what you can expect, visit the gallery below. The card has not yet appeared in the online channel mentioned in the press release, but we will update the article as soon as Hro’s hybrid DC trading cards are available.

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