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How to Mint Your First NFT on Solana’s Solsea? A Step-by-Step Guide

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are particularly popular in 2021 and will be a little slower in 2022, but this trend continues. Users flock to create, sell, and collect different NFTs for different reasons. Some people like art, others are trying to guess its value, while others are used as part of a blockchain-based game.

Whatever the reason, the NFT seems to stay here. Not surprisingly, Ethereum has emerged as the primary network for creating them, and the ERC-721 token standard continues to lead the market. However, this also leads to network congestion, huge charges, transaction processing time delays, and users looking for cheaper and faster solutions, making other blockchains seem like a reasonable alternative. rice field.

One of these is Solana. In fact, Solana is thriving in an irreplaceable token space as more creators are looking for an Ethereum alternative to launch an NFT project. This guide will walk you through how to create an NFT in Solana, especially Solsea, the largest NFT marketplace on the network.

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What is Minting?

Minting is the process of tokenizing digital files using encryption, and tokenization is the process of converting assets into digital tokens that can be moved, stored, and recorded on the blockchain. You can convert almost any digital files such as mp3, mp4, jpeg, WAV, PNG, GIF, etc. to tokens.

Now you don’t have to worry about the technical process. As you read through this guide, you will become familiar with the technical process.

How to Mint NFTs at Solana’s Solcy Marketplace

Solana has several NFT marketplaces such as Solanart, Magic Eden and Solport, but for now, we would like to introduce you to Solana’s first and most popular NFT marketplace, Solsea. It also uses Phantom, an unmanaged cryptocurrency wallet and browser extension commonly referred to as Solana’s MetaMask.

Let’s go step by step. First, set up the wallet.

1 – Install Phantom

If you haven’t installed Phantom yet, Download as a browser extension. In this case, I’m using Brave.

When added to the browser, the upper right[拡張機能]A phantom icon appears on the button. Click the icon to continue the installation.

You will be redirected to a new page.[新しいウォレットの作成]Click.


You will receive a secret recovery phrase that you will use to recover your account if you later need to reinstall it on another device. This is the most important step in creating a wallet. If you lose or mistakenly write down this phrase, you will not be able to restore your wallet and you may lose money. Therefore, be sure to write it down, save it in a safe place, and remember it.

Do not save the private key on your PC. Don’t share your key phrase with anyone, this will give them full control of your money!


Also, beware of phishing and fake apps as Phantom does not currently have an Android version.

When complete, the phantom will be added to your browser. You can easily access it by clicking the phantom icon on the menu bar.

2 – Funding the wallet

To start minting, you need Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL. If you’re using SOL for crypto exchanges like Coinbase, you’ll need to send money to your phantom wallet. To do this, just click the $ icon.


Select SOL and click Deposit


You can scan the QR code to fund your wallet or copy and paste the address under the QR code.

Once the wallet is funded, Solana is ready to start creating NFTs.

Create a new account with Solsea

The next step is to create an account in Solsea. To do this, connect your wallet to the platform.Top right[ウォレットの接続]Click on the option[ファントム]Just select.


A phantom pops up on the screen asking for permission to link the wallet. Solsea has access to view your funds and wallet activity and request approval for your transaction.


Once connected, you will be redirected to the Solsea sign-in page. Enter your email account and password.


I agree to the terms of use,[登録]Click. Solsea will send you an email to confirm your Solsea account. When complete, the wallet will automatically connect to the Solsea platform.


Now you can go! The next few steps show the actual casting process.

Create an NFT collection

  1. First, you need to create an NFT collection to store your NFTs. Go to the Create tab and click Collection.

2. Select a title and add a description for your collection.

3. Upload the header and icon image.


4. If you want more people to get involved with you and your future work, you can add social media accounts and websites.


5. When you’re ready[コレクションの作成]Click to sign the transaction and create a collection. Note that you may see a pop-up message indicating that the mint transaction has failed. This is probably a bug on the Solsea side and you may have to wait a bit for the transaction to complete.

If you are not sure if a transaction has been approved, go to your wallet and select SOL to see your transaction history or use the Solana Block Explorer.


Once the transaction is confirmed, move to the wallet[マイコレクション]Click. It will be as follows.


Create your first NFT with Solcy

  1. Now that we have an NFT collection set, let’s add some NFTs to it.[作成]Go back to the tab, this time[NFT]Choose.

16 16

2. Upload the file. Available formats are JPEG, PNG, or GIF (image), and MOV or MP4 (video). Please read the supported file formats first. For this guide, upload an image of our amazing laser eye potatoes.

17 17

3. Next, select a title and add a description of the NFT.

18 18

4. Now you have the option to set up royalty payments. As an author, this is the percentage you can earn each time an NFT is resold in the secondary market.

Percentages range from 0% to 50% and can be set based on your own business model.

The following fields are not required, but it is highly recommended that you fill them in, such as an external link (if any) to the artwork page. That way, others can see more of your work.

For tags (plain images in this case), choose the right tag for your file type (for mp4, choose video). Once created and listed, NFTs will be searchable based on their tags.

Solsea was also the first NFT marketplace to incorporate a license into an NFT. With these licenses, you can specify what you are selling and the buyer can know exactly what you are buying. If you still don’t understand, here..

If you have created an NFT collection before,[コレクション]You can add a new NFT by selecting from the dropdown bar.

Finally, you need to add a characteristic, but be aware that once created, it cannot be changed.

19 19

  1. Click Mint NFT. Again, to create an NFT, you need to sign the transaction.


6. I understand! next,[ミントを表示]Click to see the new NFT.

twenty one

Unlike MetaMask, NFTs are automatically added to your Phantom wallet. Look at what’s next to the $ icon. However, be aware that listing in Solsea will cause the NFT to disappear from the wallet.

And it takes us to the next step in listing your NFT.

Go to the wallet and at the dropdown bar[ウォレットのNFT]Click.

twenty two

Click List NFT and select a price.

twenty three

When you’re done, go back to My Wallet to see the NFTs listed.

twenty five

That’s almost it! Remember that every time an NFT is sold in the secondary market, you will receive a certain amount of revenue (which will be sent directly to your wallet).


Creating NFTs in Solana is very easy and requires no special coding knowledge.In this respect, the process is very similar How to create an NFT in OpenSea..

Overall, Solana is one of the major blockchains when it comes to NFTs, and its availability is a must for anyone who wants to succeed in the field of digital art. However, it is not without problems. The network is experiencing multiple outages and, like Ethereum, can be very slow when overloaded.

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