Monday, October 2, 2023
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How NFTs create a ‘beautiful cycle’ between artists and fans

According to artist Danielle Weber, who spoke at the Australian Blockchain Week Conference, the non-fungible token art industry has evolved into a “beautiful cycle” thanks to the connections between artists and fans.

Weber said in a panel discussion on March 23, “Pushing the boundaries of NFT utilities and art-homemade spotlights “ About the advantages of non-fungible tokens (NFT) An ecosystem that brings artists closer to their fans. She emphasized the fact that such intimacy offers mutual benefits to both artists and fans:

“What we see in this space is a beautiful cycle. We are closely associated with our fans … so we know what they want and they are ourselves. And motivates us to create works that are faithful to our crafts. “

The connection with the fans becomes clear the moment you enter the NFT space. Collectors can join the Discord channel from an NFT project or start following an artist or collection account. Through these media, collectors can express their opinions and receive real-time updates directly from content creators about the direction of art. As Weber said, such an arrangement allows artists to “think more broadly about how we can give back to our supporters.”

She believes that this two-way communication path between artists and fans “drives you to stand up as an artist” and “is at the forefront of your project” and “eliminates intermediaries and galleries.” I am.

As pointed out by Matty, another panelist and founder of the Metakey NFT collection, the process of generating an obvious give-and-take cycle in an NFT space took a long time to develop. “Every Discord had around 200 people, and 1,000 people was a big project,” he said when he started expanding into NFT spaces about four years ago.

However, sales in the NFT industry now exceed those in the traditional art auction industry. Last year’s NFT sales totaled about $ 23.1 billion. DappRadar According to the news, sales of traditional non-NFT art auctions exceeded $ 16.8 billion. Exit International Business Times.

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Matty believes that the growth of NFT spaces is due to a small number of catalysts like Dapper Labs. NBA Top Shot NFT Collection It means, “I made something really easy to understand and it was clicked.” In his view, there will be more catalysts in the gaming and creative industries that are beginning to integrate NFTs.

As of this writing, the NBA Top Shot Discord Channel had nearly 224,000 members.