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Hot Potatoes Is Launching its Promising NFT Collection and Game On Ethereum

The Ethereum blockchain NFT collection and gaming platform Hot Potatoes (HP) will be available soon. This project will allow game and crypto fans to create random hot potatoes with unusual and crazy attributes. Users access NFT collections consisting of up to 52,560 HP. This will allow access to the virtual space of the game called “Potato Verse”.

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Singapore, December 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain wire ) Hot Potatoes Metaverse is a private game world where only HP owners can compete for the game’s biennial grand prize in true play-to-win elimination-style tournaments.

Each extravagant hot potato has rare predefined properties acquired through interaction with humanity. These attributes contain elements that may resemble some of the most extravagant real-world characters of our time.


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There are also exclusive HP categories with very rare features and names, such as HP, which resembles some of the most iconic and historic characters of the country or community. Some examples include hot potato tramps, hot potato napoleons, and hot potato gandhi. And hot potato Marilyn Monroe. The attributes of each NFT determine its rarity and value.

The most unique NFT holders are more likely to survive and win huge prizes, starting at 12 ETH per winner every 6 months of the game.

Pre-register for HP sale to access the first NFT

Game developers have joined PotatoVerse and have begun a pre-registration phase for investors who want to own an exclusive and valuable NFT first. Pre-registered users have early access to the next pre-sale event. This event will provide the first batch of HP for minting.


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The Pre-registration form It is currently accessible from the official Hot Potatoes website. Early Investors will participate in the pre-sale and be whitelisted to bag up to 5 limited collection NFTs. The pre-sale will take place one week before the public mint day.

Following the pre-sale event, most of the remaining HP will be on sale to the public and Potato Verse may officially launch in the second quarter of 2022. Private and public sale participants can create great NFTs at early mint prices. View digital artwork on your Metamask wallet or Hot Potatoes website at 0.05 ETH.

Hot Potatoes Metaverse gamers can create an unlimited number of NFTs. The more HP a user mint, the more likely they are to get a rare NFT that may acquire rare attributes and evaluate them over time. The more HP you have, the more likely you are to survive to the end and win the final prize.


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Hot potatoes can be traded in the open ocean

Users who create HP can sell, collect, and exchange their own digital collections. High seas , The largest NFT marketplace. Game enthusiasts and NFT investors who missed the pre-sale event can buy these HPs exclusively in popular markets and get the right to participate in Potato Verse.

Please note that only HP purchased from OpenSea is eligible to participate in the game. This is because trading on major NFT marketplaces supports royalties that enrich the final prize pool and fund the creation and development of the game.

Cryptographic users can also access HP from a special release pool that is excluded from token sale events. Project supporters will release these reserved collections to the market in the form of future NFT infusions and airdrop them to community members.

Game developers are working to create a new world of NFT-based games. Their platform combines the value and rarity of digital collectibles with the fun and competitiveness of high stakes play to win the game.

Check out the project White paper Learn more about HP’s Metaverse, NFT collections, and game mechanics. To connect to the Hot Potatoes community and participate in discussions, please visit the social media pages below.

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