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Hot Houston summer spot plans to sell NFT membership

One of the most hyped and mysterious innovations on the planet is rippling in Texas City.

Lagomer Crystal Lagoon Water Park says it sells season passes based on NFT technology. NFT stands for irreplaceable token.

“At a basic level, NFTs are digital assets that link ownership to unique physical or digital items such as works of art, real estate, music, and video.” insider Website I will explain.. “NFTs can be considered modern collectibles. They are bought and sold online and represent a digital proof of ownership of a particular item. NFTs are on the blockchain, the same technology behind cryptocurrencies. It is recorded safely, which makes the asset unique. “

Lago Mar Lagoon, 12 acres of water park Open in 2020, Says that NFT-based Season Pass could be the first place to allow admission to attractions. The park’s traditional NFT Season Pass provides unlimited access to the lagoon, which hosts annual events like Lagoon Fest Texas. The lagoon holds the planned 100-acre multipurpose entertainment district.

Uri Man, CEO of The Lagoon Development Co., who developed the LagoMar venue, said the NFT Pass offers benefits not found in regular passes. For example, the NFT Pass allows you to enjoy special activities in the state’s largest crystal lagoon, such as sailing with a professional captain or kayaking.

“This payment option is thriving in the community of events and attractions. Entertainment and crypto experts are theorizing how places like Disney World can provide NFT entries and experiences,” Man said in a news release. It is stated in. “But we’re not just talking about it. We’re doing it and as far as I know we’re the first in the world.”

Each NFT path Available for $ 170- $ 210.. Passes can be purchased in several types of cryptocurrencies.

Lago Mar Lagoon’s NFT partner is OpenSea, the NFT marketplace. OpenSea investors include Dallas Mavericks owners Shark tank Investor Mark Cuban, Austin entrepreneur and writer Tim Ferriss, NBA star and former Texas University basketball prominent Kevin Durant.

Someday NFT passes may appear in other water parks in the lagoon development. It already operates a Crystal Lagoon in Humble, is building another lagoon at the Iowa Colony, and will soon begin construction at the Cypress, Katie, and Splendra lagoons.

The explosive growth in popularity of NFTs in the Houston area and elsewhere is a very conservative statement. According to one study, NFT sales reached $ 17.7 billion in 2021, up from $ 82.5 million in 2020. According to the Axios news website.. Investment bank Jeffreys predicts that the global NFT market will be worth more than $ 35 billion in 2022 and over $ 80 billion in 2025. CoinDesk News website report..

The Texas City lagoon is just one of many companies that are fascinated by the growing appeal of NFTs. For example, speculation is swirling that Disney theme parks will eventually adopt the NFT Season Pass.

In addition, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks May rely on NFTs for ticketingAnd the annual Coachella Music Festival in Southern California Sale of Lifetime Pass as NFT..

“NFT tickets not only take ticket technology to the next level, but also enable direct relationships between sellers and buyers, performers and fans. Connections begin as soon as you buy an NFT ticket. And it will continue forever after the event is over. ” Better marketing Blog points out..


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