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Hostile Crypto Inc. Launches Metaverse Shakeup With HC Hogz™ NFT Gaming Project

First-time fans can now join an exclusive whitelist of the worst, best-rendered NFT characters ever from Web 3’s wildest new NFT game projects

Calgary, Alberta, October 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Hostile Crypto Inc. has announced a limited pre-release of its ground-breaking HC Hogz™ NFT. A pre-mint of just 2750 HC Hogz™ characters is the first stop on a game development roadmap planned as an all-out fighting game assault on Web 3.

The full release of the 6666 Hogz NFT is available at hchogz.comInvestors in the HC Hogz™ NFT release are invited to earn unique in-game rewards and help guide Hostile Crypto’s mission to turn the digital world upside down.

The HC Hogz™ project uses Metaverse real estate to create a thrilling fighting game entertainment environment with the ultimate goal of earning in-game money for players. Based on the exploits of a lively gang of misfit motorcycle outlaws, the game’s story ensures maximum mayhem. HC Hogz™ will be encrypted and build community engagement through direct input from NFT stakeholders. HC Hogz™ society is harsh, nomadic, chaotic, armed and violent. But the organized forces intent on shutting down Hogz’s outlaw tribes are even more brutal and relentless.

Three fully animated 3D Hogz game character NFTs will be delivered with the release. Each one is his 3D rendering masterpiece, featuring a quality that is light years ahead of his NFT Apes and Kitties in previous generations. While lifelike, Hogz isn’t pretty. These are powerful fighting game protagonists that reflect the exploits of modern day pirates. It takes a cunning and strong character to maintain criminal independence in a changing world. These Hogs have it.

Each of the three characters offered in the Hostile Crypto pre-release are premier warriors destined to rule the Hogz gaming ecosystem.

boss pig It looks cunning, ruthless, and power-hungry. Maybe he’s looking deeper than he lets on, making a tough call to keep his outlaw clan together and alive.

Enforcer Hogg All action, with all the courage and war tactics to keep the unruly outlaws in line. No matter what the situation, he focuses on results and reminds everyone that “beating the wind is not an honor.”

sketchy pig Danger in a Bottle – Unpredictable, savage and deadly in any combat situation. He craves respect but is usually too impulsive to hold it.

HC Hogz™ is the first game planned for release by Hostile Crypto Inc. What’s the company’s game plan? A post-apocalyptic playground that shook up the vision of the Metaverse and ultimately completely inspired Sin City by buying “land” and building a clubhouse where members could connect. We had a warrior game. We had a great crime world game. But there was nothing quite like HC Hogz™, the evolution of hardcore gaming. Early membership is advantageous at the HC Hogz™ NFT Prerelease.

About Hostile Crypto Inc.

Hostile Crypto Inc. Alberta-Canada Cryptocurrency-based gamespace developers are carving out truly exciting gaming experiences for the coming Web 3 world. Partnered with a team of sophisticated and experienced animators and backed by key investors, the company leverages its knowledge of the cryptocurrency space to pioneer it. Unique game environment.

SOURCE Hostile Crypto Inc.


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