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Hollywood Plans to Use AI to Youngify Tom Hanks in Movie Here

maybe we will get more Big– Era Hanks, or perhaps his first real “hit”, Hanks from the 1982 anti-D&D flick Mazes and monsters.
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Not to be left behind in trend chasing, Hollywood is scrambling for the promise of artificial intelligence. In this case, one movie is premised on the promise of his AI-driven deepfake technology.

on tuesday releaseAI-centric VFX company Metaphysic said it is partnering with production company Miramax for its next film HereDirected by Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright. Metaphysic said it is using his AI tools in-house to do “surreal AI-generated face replacements and anti-aging to the very fabric of its storytelling.”

Many of the celebrities behind the feel-good 1994 movie Forrest Gump It gets even weirder when you know how surreal the source material is, but we’re coming together for this upcoming film. Here was a six-page comic strip released in 1989 by author Richard McGuire, who later wrote 300 page graphic novel The book focuses on a corner of a room in a nondescript house, with panels detailing the same space billions of years ago and thousands of years later. The panels are not drawn in chronological order and the characters are merely snapshots.

Metaphysic’s biggest claim to fame was celebrity deepfakes. Deepfake Tom Cruise on TikTok using technology. The company’s live tools are Deepfake Simon Cowell, Terry Crews, Howie Mandel singing opera on stage 2022 episode america’s got talentAccording to the release, the company is incorporating some of its technology to bring “hyper-realistic AI-generated face swapping and anti-aging” to the film.

There is no such thing as “hyper-realistic” AI replacement, but this deepfake face-swapping tech is used on actors in “real-time” at 30 frames per second. The company claimed it didn’t require any additional VFX work on him, which in itself is a very implausible claim and seems counterintuitive since no one ever sees a “real-time” rendition. increase. Here for now. Kevin Bailey, the film’s visual effects supervisor, said actors could use the technique as a “youth mirror” to see what they would look like in the final version.

actors of Here It degrades repeatedly throughout the film. Zemeckis was quoted in the release, testing “every flavor” of anti-aging tech, apparently arriving at Metaphysic’s AI-based technology.martin Scorsese’s 3 Hour Gangpalooza Movies of 2019 Irishman It used software called Flux to prevent the aging of multiple 70’s and 80’s actors such as Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.in an interview with varietythe film’s visual effects lead said the key thing about its software is that it doesn’t add extra animations or keyframes to the actors’ performances.

Hanks is 66 and Wright is 56. Even stranger, Metaphyic is very enthusiastically represented by his agency, the Creative Artists Agency, based in Los Angeles. The company has signed up to represent several people deeply involved in the NFT space. Contains the infamous NFT collector 0xb1 The company spoke about fostering partnerships between 0xb1 and “great brands looking to enter the NFT space.”

From several other celebrities and public figures, Jimmy Fallonto Ashton Kutcherto Reese Witherspoon (who Married to a former CAA agent), all represented by or involved with the CAA, and all contributed significantly to NFTs in 2021 when non-fungible tokens were gaining popularity.

NFT’s popularity is waning, and there are celebrities like Fallon. accused of aiding them Before the price inevitably plummets. CAA also has an executive with the title of “Chief Metaverse Officer.”Joanna Popper The CMO said in the release:

Here Scheduled to be released in 2024.


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