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HOKK Finance launches Ethereum aggregator HOKK Premium – Back End News

Singapore-based meme token HOKK Finance (HOKKFi) announces the release of HOKK Premium, an Ethereum aggregator, and releases the 4444 Utility NFT, which gives collectors access to the HOKK Fi portal. This happens after the entity has changed from a utility meme token, which peaked at a market capitalization of $ 800 million in May 2021, to a decentralized finance (DeFi) cryptocurrency brand.

HOKK Finance’s NFT opens users to products such as HOKKFi, a crypto portal that allows investors to access and access their crypto wallets, lunchpads for promising DeFi projects, and HOKK Premium.

Launched this month is the HOKK Finance Utility NFT collection and its governance token $ TREATS. The meme token provides a collection of 4444 NFTs available on the financial portal HOKKFi. It’s a decentralized ecosystem with products and services that replicate legacy finance for the next generation of crypto fans. HOKK Finance NFTs are created at a cost of 0.04 ETH per NFT and are gradually upgraded to include more features based on the Modular Contract Framework. The team will grow with changes in regulation and hiring. As the law is subject to change, a single mint NFT will consist of the ability to replicate traditional banking solutions and services (stocks, bonds, loans, contracts) in the long run.

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With this launch, HOKK Finance aims to maximize the development of decentralized products by introducing a commemorative NFT Monetary Authority. This mint acts as a foothold for liquidity, anchors ETH and provides individual utility-driven NFTs through the interaction of the HOKK ecosystem.

HOKK Premium

HOKK Premium will be launched under the umbrella of HOKK Fi on January 31, 2022. This allows users to place ETH capital on smart contracts and send crypto to aggregator contracts for continuous yields. Individuals can view their initial ETH contribution, annual interest rate (APY), percentage of ETH in the entire pool, and current yield. Aggregators also issue monthly yield quotes that are regularly billed by new contracts and converted into stable tokens to maintain their value.

HOKK Finance is developing a meme utility aimed at making ETH exciting so that users can manipulate tokens. In the face of ETH’s strong forecasts, HOKK Fi is trying to capture the massive demand for HOKK Premium as institutional investors invest more and more in Ethereum. When HOKK Premium is ready, the brand is ready to approach private equity funds, family offices and other capital groups. These groups haven’t fully embraced cryptocurrencies yet, but want a risk-free way to experiment with what Staking ETH can do for them.

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