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Here’s Why VeeFriends Holders Would Buy Ganja Guruz NFT En Masse

Cryptocurrencies are no longer the pariah of the financial services industry as they were a few years ago.Niche features and more advanced blockchain technology powering them have made these digital assets a viable alternative to standard and long-term investment options. BudBlockz (BLUNT).

Many VeeFriends holders will invest in BudBlockz’s Ganja Guruz NFT which is unique and attractive. Here’s why.

BudBlockz: Blockchain will save the cannabis market

BudBlockz is built on the Ethereum blockchain and designed as an e-commerce platform to connect traders and businesses to the international cannabis market. Deployed a native token called $BLUNT, the network’s primary cryptocurrency. Tokens can be used for transactional purposes such as staking, obtaining liquidity pools, signing up for petitions, and accessing rewards. The total supply of tokens is 420 million units, some of which will be available in pre-sale and private sale.

A key element of the $BLUNT token is that it is deflationary, with the platform periodically burning these tokens to run out of supply. In addition, the BudBlockz team regularly conducts “How High” token burn events for the same purpose, setting aside his 2% of supply for these events. The remaining supply is allocated for pre-sales, private sales, marketing activities, liquidity pool provisioning and maintenance of developer wallets for project partners and founders.

The platform has launched a limited series NFT collection called Ganja Guruz. It is built on the ERC-721 standard of the Ethereum network. Inspired by retro video games, the NFT series comprises an eclectic collection of digital artwork that takes you back to the memorable games of the 1990s. These NFTs have a total supply of 10,000 and can also be used as digital avatars in the play-to-earn game launched by the BudBlockz team. All Ganja Guruz buyers can also become part-owners of the cannabis farms and dispensaries BudBlockz installs around the world by simply completing a KYC application. NFT purchasers will be partial owners, but maintenance of these facilities will be done by his BudBlockz team. NFT buyers also get special discount codes for BudBlockz products.

Many cryptocurrency analysts have been quite vocal about their preference for BudBlockz given its high growth potential. Additionally, cryptocurrencies have industry-relevant use cases, allowing users to generate passive income through multiple sources.

Vee Friends: Creating New Profits with Community-Driven NFT Series

VeeFriends is an NFT collection launched by Gary Vaynerchuk based on his dream of building a community that can grow richer with a business model based on smart contracts and NFT technology. Purchasing the VeeFriend NFT gives you access to the VeeFriends community and his VeeCon. VeeCon is an exclusive event hosted by the platform for NFT owners. All his NFT owners look forward to getting his three-year pass to VeeCon and attending conferences focused on themes such as creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing and business. increase. His first VeeCon event was in Minneapolis, Minnesota in his May of this year. The dates for his next two editions in 2023 and his next in 2024 will be announced 180 days ahead.

The VeeFriends NFT series consists of 10,255 tokens represented by digital artwork. These NFTs are based on a total of 268 characters designed by Vaynerchuk. The character represents the human qualities he likes most and those that lead to success and happiness. Some of these characters are also inspired by pop culture references. These NFTs fall into his three categories: access, gifts, and admission. Additionally, all his NFT purchasers get his three-year pass to attend VeeCon and the chance to interact with Vaynerchuk and his friends.

To create your own BudBlockz Ganja Guruz NFT, please visit:

Click the “Mint Now” button on the page and connect your ERC20 compatible wallet. You can mine Ganja Guruz NFT for 0.09 ETH.

Receive a 20% bonus on $BLUNT purchases before December 5, 2022 using promo code CYBERWEEK.

To purchase or learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT), visit the link below.
Official website:
BudBlockz Community Links:

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