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Here’s Where the Most Iconic Brands Stand

CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity was the most attractive option in blockchain game space.Today, the blockchain gaming market is a billion dollar industry with approximately $4.6 billion Still, this growing part of the gaming industry is worth decades to catch up with the mainstream gaming market. Estimated $232.02 billion in the same year.

However, not all brands take full advantage of Web3 features in their games. 2022, Microsoft took a tough stance with your own NFT Mine Craft game, ban them completely.Gamers themselves as a general consumer block was not very enthusiastic Even with NFTs. But where do mainstream gaming icons currently stand on NFTs? Here, let’s take a look at the positions and policies of the biggest gaming brands on NFTs and Web3.


A collage of the protagonists of Ubisoft’s mega-successful walking simulator. Credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft is best known for its long (and hugely successful) development and publishing efforts. Assassin’s Creed Series is one of the first major companies in the mainstream gaming industry to try to incorporate blockchain technology into their products. Partnering with Ubisoft in April 2021 Tezos As corporate supporterthe newest partnership at the time sequence of movements This gaming company is trying to put its roots in the growing Web3 ecosystem.

Notably, these moves were made out of sight of a large audience of gamers. quartz launcha mobile app platform that allows users to purchase in-game cosmetics for titles ghost recon breakpoint as NFTs.

But it didn’t last long.the market is shut down quietly In April 2022, Ubisoft appeared to temper public enthusiasm for all things blockchain later in the year during a September 2022 Q&A with CEO Yves Guillemot. game

square Enix

Five video game characters are sitting and watching the sunset in a digital scene from Final Fantasy Remake.
A high-definition rendition of the character we fell in love with all those years ago. Credit: Square Enix/Final Fantasy VII

square Enix Start in 2022 We are making a bold claim given the core market stance on blockchain technology. In President Yosuke Matsuda’s annual letter to Square Enix’s plans for next year, he announced his intention to bring one of the world’s largest game companies into his Web3. With the release of 25th Anniversary NFT Collection with its groundbreaking title final fantasy VIIalong with the announcement of upcoming blockchain-based games Symbiogenesisin 2022 the company will take its first big step towards Web3.

Inspired by Mr. Matsuda 2023 company-wide planSquare Enix seems poised to sink its boots further into Web3, with several other blockchain games and NFT projects due out later in the year. may issue, manage and invest in a set of crypto coins. Company strategy.


Hobbies: Minecraft
A fully unstaged scene in Minecraft.Credits: hobbymb/Minecraft

Currently, Microsoft’s stance on NFT and Web3 as a whole is divided. On the one hand, it offers tools such as: Azure NFT Solution Accelerator Subscribe to enterprise-grade cloud computing platforms as part of a growing suite Web3 First developer tools for content creationIn the game department, Xbox Enterprise Blockchain Platform In the second half of 2020, royalty A faster and more transparent process for creators working in the indie games sector.

Meanwhile, one of Microsoft’s properties dominated the news headlines in late 2022. strong language ban of the implementation of blockchain technology on its platform. That property? Mine Craft, is undoubtedly the most popular game in the world.Following the ban, titles such as NFT world built an entire ecosystem on top of it Mine Craft Through a series of complex mods that fell apart overnight.


Art by Half-Life Alyx.Credit: Valve

Valve has long represented the cutting edge of gaming. In the 1990s, game developers pioneered the art of storytelling A very successful video game release half life franchise. In 2003, the game developer launched Steam, the undisputed leader in digital game distribution for his PC gamers around the world.

Given Steam’s ubiquity for gamers, Valve has undoubtedly played a role in making blockchain games accessible to millions of gamers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. In late 2021, the company clarified its stance on Web3. Ban all blockchain games and NFTs from steam. His Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve, later said: villain As the main motivation for Steam’s ban interview with euro gamer“Blockchain as a technology is a great technology, but the way [they have] used [currently are] All pretty sketchy. And you want to stay away from it.

epic games

Screenshots of the upcoming western-themed Battle Royale Grit.Credit: Gala Games

Contrary to Valve’s stance on blockchain games, epic games welcomes games of all kinds to the Epic Games Store. Of course, it also includes blockchain games. especially, gala games Upcoming western-themed multiplayer shooter couragetouted as one of First famous blockchain game Scheduled for release on mainstream game distribution platforms. Other early blockchain-centric entrants on the platform include: mythical games Blancos Block Partyentering early access in September 2022.

in light of Mine Craft Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney said the debacle that best illustrates the clash between mainstream gaming audiences and more crypto-savvy audiences is open-minded about this emerging technology. We urged users to keep it. encourage them You have to ‘decide for yourself’ if using Web3 is right for you on an individual level.

are we still there?

Given the scale of the efforts under development, Modern Blockbuster Game Titles Ready for mainstream gaming audiences, it remains difficult to get a clear picture of where everything related to NFTs, crypto, and blockchain technology fit into the mainstream gaming industry. If there’s anything wrong with Microsoft’s approach to embracing technology, the best place for this new technology may not be directly in games after all. At least, as far as the mainstream gaming industry is concerned. Blockchain technology has great potential to make transactions safer and more transparent. This will usually be a boon to many individuals involved in the latest game releases.

As it stands, blockchain technology is evolving in a different direction from mainstream technology. And it’s not entirely bad. Blockchain gaming has grown into a billion-dollar industry for him, but it is still in its teething stages. These he-two sectors of the game must remain separate for the time being if the two sectors continue to grow. When the time comes, they will finally meet on their way.

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