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Here’s How Wrapped Luna Classic (wLUNC) Holders on Ethereum Will Receive LUNA 2.0 Airdrop, Including Coinbase Users

FatMan is here with the latest update for members of the Terra community who were expecting an airdrop of LUNA 2.0 to wrapped LUNA (wLUNC) holders on the Ethereum network.

In a June 7 tweet thread, FatMan, a pseudonym member of the Terra Research Forum, provided research, updates, and analysis on the status of Terra in progress, with all LUNA variant holders, including Wrapped LUNA Classic, on the Ethereum Network. teeth, LUNA2.0 airdrop Like everyone else, but with no date specified.

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According to FatMan, the developer Terra team is currently indexing all blockchains that enhance the LUNA variant.

Whistleblowers in the Terra community pointed out that AirDrop is based on the original proposed snapshot block. This means that anyone who purchases wLUNA will not receive the LUNA 2.0 airdrop.

FatMan tweeted, “We’ve received so many questions about wLUNA, so here’s an update for you. All these LUNA variants (including Ethereum’s wrapped LUNA Classic) will receive LUNA 2 airdrops at a later date – Terra. Developers are currently indexing all these chains – a daunting task!

“Because AirDrop is based on the original proposed snapshot block, buying wLUNA now is not eligible for AirDrop. Even if you keep wLUNA, you can’t redeem a new LUNA 1: 1. No. Rather, you can sell wLUNA in Uniswap (it’s about the same value as LUNC). “

Coinbase’s wLUNC holder receives airdrops

According to users who responded to the update “Most of $ wLuna is held by @coinbase and is not part of AirDrop.”

In response to user concerns, FatMan stated that all Coinbase wLUNA holders are part of the AirDrop program. However, token distribution depends only on Coinbase’s decisions.

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FatMan tweeted, “Ethereum’s wLUNA holder gets an airdrop. This includes Coinbase. Whether Coinbase decides to pass the airdrop to the user can only be answered by the user.”

What is Wrapped Luna Classic (wLUNC)?

Wrapped Luna is a token designed to represent Luna on the Ethereum blockchain. This is another ERC-20 token created to track the value of Terra (LUNA).

In addition, wLUNC is designed to allow Luna holders to participate in trading, holdings, and decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Ethereum network.

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