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Here Are All of the Major NFT Projects Being Turned Into Movies

Simply put

  • Several notable NFT projects, such as World of Women and Aku, are becoming feature films.
  • In other cases, the creators of large projects have signed representatives to explore potential movie deals.

We saw NFT-funded movie There are at least two documentary films about NFT trends, but what about films? based on NFT collection?

They are coming In the fierce NFT market boom last year Trading volume of $ 25 billion For these hot and certifying tokens, the NFT project was successful, and the ink transaction to display characters and stories on the big screen was successful. And the announcement continues.

It shows the major NFT projects announced to receive film treatment and the projects signed by the representatives to investigate potential film deals and more.

Women’s world

The World of Women NFT is becoming more popular.Image: Women’s world

Actress Reese Witherspoon has participated in NFTs in a big way. Today, she aims to turn a major female-led, female-centric project into an entertainment giant.Last month, Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Production Studio Announced plans to create movies and TV series Based on Yam Karkai’s World of Women NFT project.

January, women in the world Signed with veteran music industry executive Guy Oseary To represent it in the transaction of such media and products. Witherspoon said NFT holders of the World of Women have a say in creating projects based on a collection of profile pictures.


Aku is an NFT character created by former MLB player Micah Johnson.Image: Mika Johnson

Artist Mika Johnson Ak, a black boy dreaming of becoming an astronaut, was the first original NFT character. Optional for movie and television projects April 2021 just two months after the first AkuNFT dropped. It was selected by Anonymous Content and Permanent Content, the latter company formed by musician Shawn Mendes and manager Andrew Geltrell.

Since then, Aku’s star has grown significantly with subsequent drops. Gorgeous Aku world experience show It was held in Art Basel Miami last December. Former MLB player Johnson, Said Decryption Last august Aku NFT holders may be able to influence the direction of IP as it expands into and beyond the world of cinema.

“What’s more powerful than allowing fans to directly participate in the growth and expansion of that IP?” Johnson said.


Huxley is the latest addition to this list. Just last week, longtime Marvel film producer Ali Arad (“Iron Man”) and his Arad Productions studio Co-produce movie adaptation Artist Ben Mauro’s Ethereum NFT comic project.Arad develops together Web3 Jerome Chen, a VFX supervisor nominated for production studio features and Oscar.

Mauro spent many years as a concept artist in movies such as “Elysium” and “The Hobbit”, previously with Call of Duty and Hello games. Leap into the world of NFT.. His project is currently generating millions of dollars worth of transactions.Huxley’s apocalyptic sci-fi atmosphere can be successfully transformed into a big screen, as this shows. Cinematic CG animation concept trailer.. However, it has not yet been confirmed whether the movie is live-action or animated.

Maybe: CryptoPunks / Meebits

CryptoPunks are one of the earliest NFTs. Image: CryptoPunks.

In August 2021, the United Talent Agency (UTA) Signed Larva Labs-Creator of CryptoPunks, Meebits, And Autoglyphs — Help bring IP to Hollywood. UTA represents larvae in movies, television, video games and more.

But we still don’t know how it will be shaped. No more has been announced since then, and Larva Labs is famous (or perhaps notorious). I had a lot of hands with the community Because the NFT market exploded in early 2021. can See the movies Crypto Punks and Meebits. However, it is still unclear when and how to do it.

Maybe: Boring Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club is a limited series of Ethereum-based NFTs.Image: Boring Ape Yacht Club

Along those same lines, Boring Ape Yacht Club Creator Yuga Labs Signed GuyOseary In October 2021, we considered introducing the popular Ethereum NFT Profile Photo Project into movies, television, music and video games.

This is similar in scope to what Larva Labs is doing in UTA, but no details have been announced since the first news.But it’s worth noting that the boring apes have had since then. Extremely popular among celebrities, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Stephen Curry, Snoop Dogg and others are “participating” in the project. There may be a big push to see the boring apes come back to life on the big screen.

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