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Habbo Hotel Now Has NFT Avatars, Fans Aren’t Happy

The first neopet, And now this. All the fun from our childhood seems to be trying to impose NFTs on us. Every time they try it, it falls on the community like a cold cup of illness-and today’s example is no exception.

Habbo Hotel is currently doing NFTs and for some reason decided to promote it on Twitter. The advertised tweet recently started appearing on the timeline and seems to have been pushed again in March. However, no one seems excited about this outlook, and tweets about NFT integration are rationalized.

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In the tweet, we ask people who miss the Habbo Hotel to check out “Fully Integrated Habbo Avatar NFT.” Posts have Discord invitations to attract fans to a dedicated Habbo NFT server. Currently, it has about 13,000 members, but the original post itself does not show such enthusiasm.

“Why do you ruin my childhood this way?” Says one Twitter user in a reply. “Remember habbo? You’re fascinated by your childhood by selling screenshots of characters and destroying planets,” another person writes.

The other is just to share the video that prints and screens the Habbo NFT. This is a practice that many crypto enthusiasts dislike, partly equivalent to theft.

The announcement was initially made in January, and the response at that time was no more positive. Numerous replies over the past few days suggest that the organizers are still eager to push the Habbo NFT avatar, but this time it doesn’t seem to be successful anymore. Of course, for NFTs to work, new “investors” need to steadily flow in and be willing to buy flashy JPEGs. Without it, you would be holding the bag.

It seems that all game companies want to keep up with the NFT trend, but some aren’t interested.Of the valve Gabe Newell recently labeled this practice as “super-rough.”, At least we are safe on Steam. Jackbox Games to The Gamer last month “No interest” in NFT integration..

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