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Gymnast Derrian Gobourne Launching ‘Black Girl Magic’ NFT Collection | News

Gymnast Derian Goborn Has launched the “Black Girl Magic” NFT collection in the Legacy League, the premier NFT creation platform and marketplace for college athletes.

22 years old known as “”Queen of the floorAt Auburn University, Michigan, “he told Christie Dosh. Game face Podcast“I’m excited to release the Black Girl Magic NFT collection on the Legacy League platform. Not only do those values ​​match mine, but there’s no more time to do that. Now is the time for this. It’s time to congratulate, congratulate, respect and respect all the sisters who have made significant contributions to the sport. I want the world to see them. “

The series includes black gymnasts from other universities, including Hannah Joiner of the University of Latgarth, Amari Celestine of Missouri, Sekai Wright of the University of California, Los Angeles, and Kyla Bryant of Stanford University.

Gobourne explains: In the same way. And we were just together because we all have similar stories, and it was just a great opportunity for us all. We also wanted to give other black athletes the opportunity to trade NIL and spread their light and story. “

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Ed James, Gobourne’s agent, is a managing partner of Booked and Busy Talent. Said in a statement“The NIL ecosystem not only created opportunities for athletes to monetize their names, images and portraits, but also a means for color student athletes to diversify their portfolios and generate revenue flows across universities. Due to institutional inequality, many black and brown scholar athletes send money back to families who depend on them, even those who are fully scholarly. We often feel pressured to take out a loan to Black to bring equality, visibility and financial justice to a group of young women who are becoming CEOs of their empire, one NFT at a time. I worked on creating Girl Magic. “

Legacy League CEO, Stuart Bush, Added“Since more than 30% of our roster is female athletes, both to increase the participation of color gymnasts at all levels of gymnastics and to help monetize notable female athletes. We are excited to partner with big powers like Derrian who are working on their success in sports. “

Derrian Gobourne is the 2019 NCAA National Champion, Team 1 All-American, and three-time All-SEC Gymnast.

The specific release date for the Legacy League’s “Black Girl Magic” NFT collection has not yet been announced.

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