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Groovoo rolls out new event tech to save producers time and money, and reduce the problem of ticketing fraud impacting 15 million Americans

GROOVOO launches new event technology to save event producers time and money and prevent the ever-growing problem of ticket fraud in the age of digital tickets.

As the event industry begins to move from physical tickets to digital tickets, ticket fraud and scams are becoming more common. For example, according to a CNBC report, about 12% of US adults who bought concert tickets online said they were scammed.

After years of pandemic lockdowns, there is growing interest in re-attending live concerts, sporting events and in-person business meetings.To meet that surge in demand, today GrooveCombining an event ticketing platform and a social media app, the company has launched several new digital innovations to revive the waking events industry. New features rolling out this month include the new Groovoo digital wallet, the ability to issue tickets in the form of tickets. NFTs It uses blockchain technology, dynamic live QR codes to help combat ticket fraud. NFC reader.

As the event industry begins to move from physical tickets to digital tickets, ticket fraud and scams are becoming more common. For example, about 12% of US adults who buy concert tickets online say they have been scammed. CNBC reportThis means that about 15 million people are likely to become victims of ticket fraud in the second half of 2022. 126 million Americans Attend music events in the summer and fall (38%).

For event producers, the problem of unintentional fraud via chargebacks is growing rapidly, causing huge losses due to an increase in disputes being declined by banks and credit card issuers. In fact, “unintentional fraud” where consumers make online purchases using their credit cards and later request a chargeback from the issuing bank is currently #1 type of fraud attackaccording to the 2021 Global Fraud Report published by Cybersource, a Visa solution.

New Groovoo event technology saves producers time and increases profits by reducing ticket fraud

With the introduction of new technology capabilities, Groovoo has solved some key challenges for event producers. This includes the ability to better manage events, budgets and partner payments, reduce fraud to make more money, and help people spend less time in lines. event.

“Groovoo not only provides deeper connection and interaction between producers and event attendees via the app’s built-in social media features, it also helps event organizers increase profits through fraud prevention and all We now have a digital toolset to streamline the core of our business operations – from event planning to financial execution to timely payments to event partners and investors.” Leandro GarciaCEO and co-founder of Groovoo.

Advances in event technology deployed by Groovoo include: Some are industry firsts.

  • Groovoo is the world’s first ticketing platform that uses blockchain technology to issue tickets in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and stores transactions in a secure manner via an immutable digital ledger (Ethereum or Polygon). One. NFTs are crypto assets on the blockchain that are immutable and contain a unique identification code and metadata that distinguishes them from each other.
  • NFT tickets are stored in the Groovoo digital wallet and can be quickly accessed by event attendees and organizers via a mobile app. A compact, portable Near Field Communication (NFC) reader that enables ticket holders to quickly tap their smartphones or mobile devices to validate tickets and expedite entry to venues. The new Groovoo Live QR Code™, constantly changing like an authenticator app, prevents forged tickets using images of someone else’s static QR code.
  • Co-founded by long-time event producers, Groovoo is custom-built event planning for organizers/producers for event businesses that are often managed in a time-consuming, manual and chaotic manner using a variety of tools. I designed a dashboard. Such as Microsoft Excel, paper receipts, checking bank statements, etc. A new dashboard allows organizers to plan their events, enter all event-related expenses, and calculate financial results (total sales, profits, and payments) within the Groovoo platform.

Groovoo’s engineering team currently consists of 16 developers, primarily based in Brazil. The company’s app development and technical R&D are led by Groovoo co-founders. Frederico Persioa longtime developer of security software, and Arthur Sampaiois a software engineer with extensive experience in the technology industry.

“Over time, event organizers will find new ways to offer perks to ticket holders, such as special discounts on food, drink and merchandise, as well as event attendees looking to connect with like-minded people. We plan to introduce more useful features: access to VIP lounges during the event, or early access to early bird tickets at the lowest prices,” he said. Albert Vazco-founder of Groovoo and W2K, a Miami-based event production company.

Vaz, who started his events business at the age of 16, was previously executive producer for one of Brazil’s most famous singers. Bel Marquez, when he was the lead singer of the popular band Chiclete Com Banana. In addition to co-founding Groovoo, he and his childhood friend Garcia own and operate W2K (Welcome to Kingdom), a production company that hosts large-scale events in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, and San Francisco.

For example, W2K has its annual deseo weekend Celebrate the New Year in Brazilian style. Held at Deseo Beach Club, his three-day event includes food and drink typical of northeastern Brazil, pellicle,duo George Enrique & RodrigoWhen DJ Jesus LuzOther music artists Groovoo and W2K recently served include: alokBrazilian superstar Claudia Leyte, Grupo Menos et Me, Mateus & Cowan, vintage cultureWhen Wesley Safadan.

For more information on Groovoo or future Groovoo-ticketed events, please visit: http://www.groovooapp.comor follow Groovoo on Instagram:

About Groove ( Groovoo is an “event ticket platform meets social media app” that connects people attending the same event, whether it’s a concert, sporting event, or business conference. The app provides users with an easy way to keep in touch with each other and future events they would like to attend. For event producers and organizers, Groovoo is a one-stop shop for ticket purchasing, secure verification, event planning, financial forecasting, accounting and partner/investor management.

The event tech startup, which coexists in two innovation and entertainment hotspots in Miami and San Francisco, is introducing NFT ticketing using blockchain technology to help tackle the problem of counterfeit and fraudulent secondary market ticket sales. It was helpful. A Groovoo digital wallet that stores NFT tickets will combine with NFC readers to speed entry to venues and reduce long queues.


Media Contact:

Chris Knight – lives in San Francisco, California.

Groovoo Marketing Advisor and Co-Founder

415-786-9226 c. (via WhatsApp)

Company Contact:

Leandro Garcia – Lives in Miami, Florida

Groovoo CEO and Co-Founder

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