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Green Room: Public art, book awards, summer playlist

Opportunities for artists, writers and curators

The Guildhall is seeking three opportunities for artists, writers, and curators, including a new public arts committee that decorates the north side of the Lion Arts District building.

The Public Art Commission will fit neon text-based works in a space 1mx 1.6m deep. It overlooks the entrance to the Nexus Theater and can be seen from the North Terrace.

“Artists, designers, craftsmen, writers and poets are invited to see this public art as an opportunity to inspire, comfort and destroy. [and] The Guild House, which leads manufacturing and installation at Adelaide Neon Trade, is ready for the times we live in and caters to a large and diverse audience. “

Opportunity (details hereApplications by January 24th will be open to all SA-based Guild House members and recipients will be paid an artist fee of $ 10,000.

Guild House Office Headquarters.Photo: Lana Adams

Round 1 of the ART WORKS 2022 Early Career Curator Program and the ART WORKS 2022 Artist & Writer in Residence Program also require expressions of interest. The ART WORKS Program is a joint program of Residency, Curator Mentorship and Creative Engagement designed in collaboration with the City of Adelaide. Residency is textile artist Sunineham (Recently profiled InReview) Is currently resident and is working on a new project seeking answers from passers-by.

For more information on all three callouts Guild House website..

The final candidate list for the literary award has been announced

Thirty-seven writers have been selected as finalists for the 2022 Adelaide Festival Literary Awards. InReview Contributors Rachel Meade and Heather Taylor-Johnson received the $ 10,000 Wakefield Press Unpublished Manuscript Award.

He was also selected as the final candidate for the unpublished manuscript award. Winners will be published by Wakefield Press. South Australian writers Corey Hosking and Roana McClellan.

Managed by the State Library of South Australia and awarded biennially, the Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature offers a total of $ 167,500 in prizes in six countries and five South Australian categories.

South Australian writers Patrick Allington and Carol Lefebvre were selected as finalists for the $ 15,000 National Book Award for their novels. Rise and shine When Tweet (Each), Tara June Winch (each)yield), Nardi Simpson (Crocodile song), Lobby Arnot (Rainheron) And Laura McPhee-Browne (Cherry beach). Other SA writers selected for the National Award for published books are Vikki Wakefield (Young Adult Fiction), Danielle Clode (Non-Fiction), and poets Jill Jones and Ken Bolton (John Bray Poetry category).

Local playwrights Lucy Com and Peter Beaglehall were selected as finalists for the $ 12,500 Jill Blewett Playwright Award.

The jury praised the artist for “a very rich and beautifully realized work” and received more than 800 entries. Prizes, including the $ 25,000 Premier Award for the overall winner, will be awarded during the 2022 Adelaide Reiters Week.View the complete candidate list here..

Check out AF’s Summer House Playlist

Lady Hawk will perform at the Summer House during the 2022 Adelaide Festival.

The Adelaide Festival’s outdoor pavilion, The Summerhouse, will be back in March with gigs by contemporary musicians such as Client Liaison, Montaigne, Ladyhawke, Kate Ceberano, KRAM and The Whitlams.

To be appetizing, the festival team has created a 5-hour Spotify playlist (here) Featuring 75 songs by artists from the summer house lineup.

A complete list of gigs and midnight DJ sets AF website.. Two events (punk rock band Amil and Sniffers and dance music show) Vinyl destination) It is already sold out.

If you’re looking for other festival-related entertainment during your break, Fire Starter: Story Bangara – A great documentary celebrating 30th Anniversary of a successful Australian dance company – currently showing at ABCiView. Bangara does their latest work, Wudjang: Not in the past With AF in 2022.

Contract signed to save Hopgood Theater

Noarlunga’s Hopgood Theater is no longer out of control after the state government has agreed to sell it to the city of Onkaparinga at a market value of $ 3.62 million and subsidize the council to cover the purchase cost. ..

In a statement last week, the council said the government would provide an additional $ 5.3 million to refurbish and upgrade theaters that had been threatened with closure for years due to financial problems.

Mayor Erin Thompson has described the new contract to secure its future as “a big victory for Onkaparinga and the state as a whole,” and collaborative efforts have been made to save the venue. “This investment ensures that the Hopgood Theater will continue to be the premier artistic destination in southern Adelaide for decades to come.”

Grant boosts his career to sculptors

Jessica Taylor, Lies for lies (Details), 3D printed resin, paint, gold leaf, 30 x 18 x 12cm, 2021.

Sculpture and installation artist Jess Taylor was announced as the first recipient of the Scammells Major Grant as a result of a partnership between the Adelaide Central School of Art and the Scammells Auctioneers and Appraisers.

The grant will provide $ 5,000 in funding to help Taylor develop new works for the exhibition at the Hugo Shell Gallery early next year. This is her first foray into a commercial gallery space.

The 2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors Degree) graduate’s work focuses on body horror and maternity metaphors created with miniature 3D print paintings.

“This grant allows us to try out new 3D modeling and printing processes,” she says. “With title PrimitiveThis new series of works uses knowledge of ancient permanent beings as a metaphor for exploring the immutable nature of my own identity. “

An application is now open for studying in the Visual Arts and Honors Degree Program at the Adelaide Central School of Arts in the first semester of 2022 (more info) here). The 2021 Graduate School Exhibition It is currently on display at ACSA’s Teaching Studios and Adelaide Central Gallery.

Photo session

The SA Museum invites amateur and professional photographers of all ages to submit entries for the Australian Geography 2022 Nature Photographer of the Year Competition.

Over $ 10,000 will be awarded through a contest to publish photos of nature and wildlife from the biological regions of Australia, New Zealand, the Antarctic and New Guinea. Finalist entries will also be featured in exhibitions produced by the museum.

In addition to the usual categories such as plants, landscapes, endangered species, and juniors (photographers under the age of 18), 2022 will add three new categories: astrophotography, natural animals, and urban animals. rice field.

“Astrophotography captures the beauty of the night sky, Animals in Nature celebrates animals in their natural habitat, and Urban Animals portray animals in an environment that demonstrates evidence of human activity and impact,” said SA Museum Director. Brian Oldman says. “This year we’ve also redesigned our portfolio category to allow photographers to submit six images of a shared theme as one entry.”

Entry is open until January 28, 2022 and details are available here.. In the 2021 contest, 2206 photos were collected. Best award to go to Scott Portelli based in NSW A photo of a camouflaged Leafy Seadragon in the Second Valley.

Scott Portelli’s Lush night image won the 2021 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition.

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Note: InReview will take a two-week break during the festival and return on January 12, 2022.

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