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Gollum’s Gems reveals new perks for their NFT holders

Gollum’s Gems is a crypto group that started almost a year ago. They aim to educate their followers on everything related to cryptography. Their content can be found on four social media platforms. There are two telegram groups, Twitter and YouTube. Their strong community continues to grow and has followers around the world. They often talk about NFTs and have their own collection “GG Soldier”. This is a limited collection with 100 unique NFTs.

For those who don’t know, NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. Simply put, it means something that cannot be duplicated. For example, Ethereum is an alternative. Investors can trade one Ethereum for another and get the exact same thing. However, NFTs are unique and the artwork has its own characteristics. They are cryptographically linked because they tend to be coded on the same operating system. Many people compare them to trading cards, and often NFT projects have large collections where certain traits are rarer than others. NFTs can be anything digital, but they can be artwork, videos, videos, music, and more. They first appeared in early 2014, but arguably the peak interest was last year when many celebrities began investing in them. NFT transactions reached nearly $ 18 billion in 2021, an increase of 22,000% over the previous year. Perhaps the most famous NFT collection is the Bored Apes Yacht Club, where one NFT sells for over $ 2 million.

The Gollum’s Gems team has always enjoyed collecting NFTs and knew that their followers did. As a result, they created their own collection of 100 Gollum jewel soldiers. They were designed to feature cryptographic characteristics. For example, an eye with a green chart and “diamond hand” teeth. The team didn’t want to sell these NFTs, but instead made them only available to loyal followers. Channel followers can be earned by joining AMA and working on the Twitter page. In addition to NFTs, followers will receive $ 500 with a “golden ticket”. This means that you have access to the whitelist on Gollum’s Jewels.

GG soldiers’ NFTs have some valuable perks that make them desirable. For example, they are often airdropped tokens worth hundreds of dollars and are given a whitelist spot for the most popular projects. Gollum’s Gems team is excited to announce that all NFT holders of GG soldiers have access to Gempad’s “Platinum Tier” project, one of Space’s major Launchpads. The team said:

“We wanted to reward the community for our active efforts and felt that NFTs were the perfect way to go. Community members are proud because they need a commitment to win NFTs. Show NFTs. We liked the idea that they can be obtained and not purchased because they are so fairly available. Since there are more than 60 remaining to be awarded. , There is plenty of time for new members to come in and become part of the Gollum army.

Gollum’s Gems team has promised to create more utilities for advancing NFTs.

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