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Gods Unchained Offers $GODS Staking Rewards –

Gods Unchained adds another staking rewards program called the Offering of the Gods. If you are betting $ GODS tokens on an immutable X wallet, you will be given more $ GODS tokens. How easy is it?

Chainless gods The staking program version is one of the easiest ways to bet tokens and earn rewards. You don’t need to lock tokens like other staking programs. Also, if you want to participate and win, you don’t have to meet the weekly criteria.

Dedication of the gods

To qualify for the gods’ offering, all you need to do is hold $ GODS Put the token in an immutable X wallet and make sure the wallet is linked to Gods Unchained. (Also make sure you interacted with the Gods Unchained ecosystem within a week)

Rewards are given monthly in batches of weekly snapshots. You can claim your reward from the GodsUnchained website.

Over 1 million $ GODS tokens will be distributed. Two-thirds of this is dedicated to the offerings of the gods. The remaining tokens will be used as a surprise reward.

The team will take a snapshot of the wallet from December 1, 2021 and when rewarding $ GODS, it will pretend that the program has been running since then.

The staking program runs for at least 4 months and may be extended. They want it to be a permanent mechanism rather than a temporary feature.

Chainless gods

Gods Unchained is a P2ENFT game that you can play for free. You can start playing that game for free! No need to pay prepaid fees – no need to buy an NFT. You need to download the launcher and start playing right away.

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