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GNS Stock Alert: $10 NFT Coupons Send Genius Group Soaring

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shares of genius group (NYSEMKT:GNS) opened more than 30% higher today after the company said its board had approved $10. “Blockchain-Based Digital Discount Coupons” A non-fungible token (NFT) for shareholders of GNS shares. The discount is applied to each share you own and assists in actions taken by the Genius Anti-Illegal Trade Commission.

So how does this discount work? The first step is to register GNS with the dual list. upstreamA trading application that provides access to the assets of tokenized Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), crowdfunding firms, celebrity ventures, and more.The application is run by horizon fintex When MERJ Exchange Limited.

Genius says it already has a relationship with MERJ. This is a subsidiary entrepreneur resort, is already listed on the exchange. As a result, the company may be able to apply for an expedited listing process. It may arrive as early as this month.

GNS Stocks: Genius Board Approves $10 NFT Discount

The reason Genius is listed upstream is so that shareholders can receive a $10 NFT coupon to trade. us dollar coin (USDC-USD). After dual listing, shareholders can verify their identity upstream and receive coupons after meeting Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Coupons issued as ERC721 tokens will have a record date of February 28th. extraordinary general meeting After receiving the coupon, shareholders can redeem it for Genius Education Merits (GEM) on GeniusU, the company’s Edtech platform. The shareholder is given his 90 days to convert the coupon into her GEM and another his 90 days to use the GEM.

“GEM will act as a digital credit system, similar to air miles or Roblox’s ‘Robux’, allowing students to earn GEM and redeem it for discounts on subsequent courses and products,” the company said in a news release. clarified in the release.

At an upcoming shareholder meeting, Genius will provide shareholders with information detailing the full range of GEM-enabled products. The company also provides details about restrictions and restrictions regarding GEM.

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