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GameStop’s NFT Marketplace Might Launch a Lot Sooner Than Expected, as per the Hints Dropped by the Co-founder of Immutable X

GameStop (NYSE: GME), An eclectic game-related item retailer is ready to launch an innovative NFT-focused marketplace much faster than previously expected, according to a tweet by ImmutableX co-founder Robbie Ferguson. It seems to be done.

GameStop’s stock split could lead to short-selling surrender if the stock duplicates more than 1,500 percent of Tesla’s post-split profit

Regarding the transaction amount of NFT transactions, Mr. Ferguson said, “4+ major”, paying attention to the position of the top of Immutable X. [NFT] The Marketplace will be integrated with Immutable X’s open order book in the next 8-12 weeks.

Of course, GameStop’s NFT Marketplace is expected to host billions of low-cost in-game digital assets and NFTs, including digital real estate and in-game skins, alongside OpenSea early this August. Expected to appear on the participant list. , Coinbase, and VeVe.

For beginners, Immutable X Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) Partner For GameStop’s NFT platform. Built on Loopring technology.. Immutable X is Ethereum’s first Layer 2 specifically targeted at NFTs, allowing it to “zero gas charges for trading and casting NFTs in a carbon-neutral environment.” Immutable X claims to be able to handle up to 9,000 transactions per second. The platform also minimizes storage risk because the user keeps the private key. Finally, Immutable X Mint allows users to create and distribute assets (based on the ERC-721 and ERC-20 protocols) in a convenient and secure way. As a review, L2 is the entire protocol built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Protocols interact with the main blockchain through smart contracts (programs that automatically take action when certain conditions are met).

GameStop also announced the creation of $ 100 million in funding – Immutable X denominated in IMX tokens – Grants to NFT Creators

Meme shares are back: AMC Entertainment has increased 25% in the last five days, while GameStop is now up 44% as an essential factor of bullish has caught a tailwind from the more benevolent market.

This leads us to the heart of the problem. GameStop previously announced the end of July as a possible time frame for launching a bespoke NFT marketplace. However, according to Ferguson’s tweet, a marketplace focused on four major NFTs, including the GameStop initiative, will integrate with Immutable X’s open orderbook within the next 8-12 weeks, or within 01-30 days. May be done. June 2022. In the event of this contingency, GameStop will be able to launch the NFT platform much faster than previously expected.

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