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GameStop took down an NFT based on a 9/11 victim

In February, video game retailer / permanent meme GameStop announced that it was. Plan to open NFT Marketplace.. Currently in beta GameStop NFT Marketplace (Opens in a new tab) Allows customers to buy and sell NFTs created by a selection of approved creators. One of the creators named Jules created an NFT called The Falling Man and started selling it.The NFT shows a picture similar to the iconic Associated Press photo of a man who fell from the World Trade Center on 9/11. Falling man (Opens in a new tab) Is dressed as an astronaut and has the caption “This probably fell from the MIR station”.

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GameStop’s NFT Marketplace currently uses astronauts as its mascot. Form that new creators need to fill out (Opens in a new tab) And some downloadable wallpaper (Opens in a new tab).. That’s actually why Jules thought it appropriate to take such a famous and already controversial image, turn it into a tasteless joke, and then try to profit from it. Not explained.Anyway, after NFTs started to be criticized in the following places: Web3 is on track (Opens in a new tab) And that Resettera (Opens in a new tab) The forum, GameStop, has delisted the image. If you follow the link, Blank page (Opens in a new tab)Although the original is still preserved Wayback machine (Opens in a new tab)..

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