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GameStop Sold Stolen NFT Indie Games: Collection Earned About $14K

The stolen NFT indie game was reportedly sold on GameStop’s NFT Marketplace. The collection reportedly made around $14,000 and two of his pieces in the collection were reportedly sold without permission.

GameStop faces problems again with collectibles sold on NFT Marketplace

For those who don’t know, NFTs can span across JPEG images and even cover games, music, movies, and many other forms of digital assets.According to PC gamerGameStop continues the NFT market despite encountering what it calls a “series of embarrassments.”

After recently running into hot water to host a sale for an NFT adaptation of the “famous image of a 9/11 victim falling,” Arstecnica Marketplace has revealed that it has reportedly facilitated the sale of NFT copies of unauthorized indie games.

Collection owners were able to earn 8.4 ETH or about $14,000

The “owner” of the collection, Nathan Ello, has released NiFTy Arcade on GameStop’s marketplace. This collection managed to earn around $14,000 or 8.4 ETH on its first sale.

It has been confirmed that Ello does not actually have permission to release at least two games within the project. There is also unconfirmed talk that the other he was part of the NiFTy Arcade collection is not authorized to release three games.

Ello’s account has been suspended, but buyers still have access to stolen games

According to the article, Ello did not have a license to use the PICO-8 engine. NiFTy Arcade has since been taken down after the news broke. GameStop NFT Marketplace.

Not only was it downgraded, but Ello’s account was also suspended, but the nature of NFTs allows users to easily access unlicensed copies of the game. Game creators can be left with little to no recourse.

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GameStop aims to compete with OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace on the internet

Ello reportedly offered compensation to developers harmed by the collection and was able to revive the project in yet another market. The collection is back with a promise that future games will comply with his NFT Marketplace terms of service.

As reported by PC Gamer, this particular story is a demonstration of suspicious behavior that can occur on the NFT Marketplace. This isn’t the only time an entire collection has been stolen, but the news is still a big deal as it happened on the GameStop NFT Marketplace.

According to an article by CNetGameStop has managed to enter the NFT market space surprisingly well.

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