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GameStop rolls out a limited beta version of its NFT marketplace on Loopring

Electronics retailer GameStop has released a beta version of non-fungible tokens (NFT) Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) zkRollup The marketplace for Loopring, a scaling protocol. Loopring announced this development through a blog post on March 23rd. With this release, users will be able to test the platform. With the integration of Loopring L2, GameStop is trying to regain power for creators, players and collectors.

according to Blog postThe Loopring L2 integration helps GameStop provide the strongest digital ownership in a secure, decentralized and neutral environment like Ethereum. Loopring zkRollup features Ethereum self-managed security.

However, Ethereum, It features low gas rates and fast transactions. In addition, it is more energy efficient than Ethereum. Loopring accomplishes this by bundling thousands of transactions and adding them as a single transaction to the Ethereum mainnet.

GameStop Marketplace now allows users to create usernames and profiles. The platform also allows users to connect and deposit Ethereum wallets. However, users are currently unable to trade NFTs.

Adam Browman, Head of Growth at Loopring, commented on this development:

Check this news rumor About Loopring’s involvement in GameStop’s NFT marketplace, which emerged last November. At that time, Loopring’s native token, LRC, increased by more than 200% in a week. After yesterday’s announcement, tokens soared from $ 0.8079 to $ 1.21. Since then, LRC has undergone a downward revision to trade at $ 1.09 at the time of writing.

GameStop confuses followers

Loopring was initially rumored to power GameStop’s NFT market, but electronics retail giants announced a partnership with Immutable X in February. The transaction included Immutable X funding a $ 100 million native token IMX and providing a grant from NFT creators to build it on the GameStop platform.

Around announcementThe deal also included Immutable X becoming a Layer 2 partner and platform for GameStop and its NFT marketplace. This will start in the second quarter. It contradicted this statement when Loopring announced that GameStop was building a market on top of that protocol.

Immutable X on Twitter to get things done say,

The company added that it is already processing thousands of games and NFT projects, as well as games that have been applied to $ 100 million in funding. Immutable X added that the Loopring integration was not a surprise and welcomed participation in the project.

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