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GameStop Just Entered an Industry With 1,000X Growth Potential

Did you see a huge one GameStop (NYSE:GME) Last Thursday news?

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A confused video game retailer’s favorite of meme stocks is entering the NFT and crypto markets, The Wall Street Journal..

GameStop is a company founded solely for the purpose of developing an NFT marketplace, and seems to have hired more than 20 people to run a whole new division. The marketplace will be a centralized hub where gamers can buy, sell and trade game-related NFTs such as avatar costumes and weapons.

As soon as the WSJ report was broken, GameStop’s inventory surged by more than 30% in after-hours trading.

It’s a big move – and it’s justified, The NFT market will be huge.

In summary, NFTs are blockchain-based digital assets that function, look, feel, and work like physical assets.

Of course, the big step here is on the blockchain side.

Previously, digital assets were of little value because they could be duplicated and distributed indefinitely without anyone knowing what the “original” digital asset was, which would make the original digital asset worthless. did…

However, the blockchain and its signature immutable digital ledger allow artists to create digital assets that can be verified as originals, thereby giving those originals the same value as, for example, the original artwork. I can.

This certification lays the foundation for the rapid growth of the NFT market over the next decade. We’re not just talking about digital art. We are talking about digital real estate. Digital toys. Digital trading card. General digital assets. And in the case of GameStop, it’s a digital game item.

This digital asset market Same or larger Than the physical property market in the long run.

That’s a bold claim, sure … but think about it. There are several precedents here.

As soon as digital shopping became as “good” as physical shopping, everyone started shopping online. And now, the e-commerce industry is getting bigger than the physical retail market.

As soon as digital entertainment became as “good” as physical entertainment, everyone started streaming Netflix, Disney +, and HBO Max, and the digital entertainment industry is now bigger than the physical entertainment market.

Same as digital advertising. Better than physical advertising. Within the next few years, digital advertising spend will account for more than 50% of the total advertising budget.

people… The precedent has already been set!

As soon as the digital replicas of the physical industry become “good”, they will take over.

Why doesn’t the same thing happen in the digital asset (NFT) market? Spoiler warning: Will happen.. The same thing happens, and on a large scale, the NFT market is larger than the physical property market.

Of course, the investment opportunity is that today’s digital asset markets are a fraction of the physical asset market.

In 2020, the global NFT market trading volume was approximately $ 338 million.

The global collectibles market, including physical trading cards, games, toys, cars and more, is a $ 370 billion market.

It’s more than 1,000 times bigger.

Therefore, according to our logic, the global NFT market has the potential (and should) grow 1,000 times over the next decade or more …

It’s time to invest in this booming market.

Alas, the million dollar question is: How? How do you invest in the booming NFT industry?

You can go buy GameStop stock. We think they have a pretty good opportunity to develop a fairly solid NFT marketplace for gaming items.

But the market isn’t that big, and GameStop’s stock has already been valued as if the platform would be a runaway success.

So instead, we think we should look to the crypto market-and that’s where our ultra-exclusive investment research advisory is completely devoted to cryptocurrencies, Cryptographic Investor Network, Will appear.

and Cryptographic Investor Network, I worked with legendary Bitcoin investor Charlie Shrem and a team of crypto experts to provide the highest quality crypto picks on the market.

We are talking about coins that have the potential to rise by three or even four digits over the next few years.

And I’m not blowing hot air here. This product provided just that to the subscribers. The average profit of the portfolio is well over 100%!

surely, The cipher we recommend Just a month ago, Bitcoin fell 13% in the same range, although it had already surged 90%.

So … if you want to invest in the fast-growing NFT market … by playing high-value potential cryptos … the best thing you can do now is to click here Please check Cryptographic Investor Network..

Alternatively, you can buy GameStop shares.

The choice is up to you.

As of the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (directly or indirectly) the position of the securities listed in this article.

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