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GameStop Extends NFT Store to ImmutableX

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  • GameStop has launched an NFT marketplace on ImmutableX, Ethereum’s Layer 2 network.
  • The company initially launched a marketplace to support rival network Loopring earlier this year.
  • This new support for ImmutableX gives customers access to top Web3 games and millions of NFTs.

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GameStop has launched an NFT Marketplace on ImmutableX, making collectibles accessible on additional networks.

GameStop adds support for ImmutableX

GameStop is expanding the NFT market.

according to Monday press releaseGameStop has added support for ImmutableX on its NFT Marketplace.

The expansion is expected to reach tens of millions of customers and give them access to leading Web3 games such as Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians and Illuvium.

ImmutableX uses Layer 2 technology on Ethereum. We are proud to offer his NFT castings that are gas free and carbon neutral.

Robbie Ferguson, president and co-founder of ImmutableX, said the integration is “a significant step forward for Immutable to bring the next billion players to Web3 games.” He added that the integration “provides access to millions of additional NFTs.”

GameStop and ImmutableX are partnership This includes a $100 million grant to encourage the creation of new games. It also provides integration between Immutable X and GameStop wallets, as well as Immutable Games Studio activations.

game stop launch We first supported Loopring, another Etherem project occupying Layer 2 space, on the NFT Marketplace in July. GameStop’s marketplace only has 818 Loopring and 17 ImmutableX collections, but ImmutableX provides access to NFTs that are directly integrated into your game rather than a standalone collection.

GameStop currently lists a total of 102,100 NFTs. That’s almost double the list at launch in July.

A Reddit-led short squeeze organized by retail traders on the /r/wallstreetbets subreddit captured global attention in January, and GameStop’s GME stock has surged 14% over the past five days. Its not the expectation of his NFT capability, but the rise of the market.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this work owned BTC, ETH, and other digital assets.

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