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GameStop Cuts More Staff—Including Crypto Wallet Engineers

in a nutshell

  • GameStop laid off additional employees today, including the cryptocurrency wallet team.
  • The gaming retailer launched its NFT Marketplace in July, shortly after its last layoff.

Video game retailer GameStop laid off another employee today ahead of its next earnings report, according to reports and social media posts from affected individuals.The team behind the company’s crypto wallet is hit particularly hard, according to Axios.

Daniel Williams, lead software engineer at GameStop, said: Posted on LinkedIn He added that there was “another massive round of job cuts at GameStop currently underway” involving e-commerce product and engineering employees today, and there were “a lot of them.” , Williams said the company’s announcement is expected later today.

Several former employees, including blockchain and iOS engineer Brandon Jenniges, took to LinkedIn today to update on the layoffs. who wrote He was influenced by the company’s movements.

game stop Launched NFT Marketplace This year, ethereum ecosystem, especially Immutable X side chainIn May, the company Own Ethereum Wallet— A browser-based plugin similar to MetaMask.

Ethan Gach, Senior Reporter at Games Publishing Kotaku, tweeted in the afternoon GameStop CEO Matt Furlong confirmed the layoffs in an email to employees.

“There continues to be clarity about the appropriate level of corporate staffing needed to meet profitability and growth goals,” Furlong was quoted as saying in an email.

GameStop did not respond immediately Decryptionrequest for comment.

Here are the company’s third quarter results: Scheduled for Wednesday, December 7.

game stop was last fired in July The company did not disclose how many people were laid off as CFO Michael Lecupero stepped down.

NFT marketplaces have not made a big impact in this space. As of October 31, NFT analytics platform DappRadar reported that the platform had surrendered. just $29 million Transaction volume since launch in July.For context, OpenSea, the largest market for Ethereum NFT trading, is regularly withdrawing over $6 million in daily trading volume, even in the current bear market. no longer track GameStop’s NFT activity.

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