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Gamescom announcements: Leslie Benzies’ Everywhere faces fan backlash

The video game industry opened up to the public for the first time since the outbreak of COVID, and debut titles soon sparked controversy.

Billed as “a whole new world for the next generation of gamers”, it also features names like the Metaverse. wherever.

Studios are accustomed to criticism that they like their games grand theft auto Gun control groups glorify violence as they seek to escape responsibility for the school shooting pandemic.

But this time, the attack came from within, as an angry community hit back at the former producer of Rockstar Games. GTA V, The fifth installment in the series, it was a critical and financial success when it came out nearly a decade ago.

GTA ‘Leslie Benzies, former lead developer of wherever Through his own studio based in Scotland, currently Blockchain Team Job Recruitment of Edinburgh, including a “smart contract developer” with experience using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

EVM, embedded software code on the Ethereum network that autonomously executes transactions without human intervention when a set of specific conditions are met, is a major innovation brought to cryptocurrency by Vitalik Buterin. is.

It has been described as a sort of “robot intermediary” between two digital wallets in the clearing and settlement of financial transactions.

Microtransactions, Loot Boxes, Monetization

“We are not trying to make a normal game. I think the scope and ambition of this project is completely different from any other game. We want to build a whole new world of watching, sharing, creating, interacting with friends, and more.” wherever assistant game director Adam Whiting It promises players “many surprises in store” on Tuesday.

Now that video games have become a big-budget industry Rival Hollywoodwith companies listed on the stock market, there is also a growing demand to satisfy professional money managers looking for steady and predictable cash flow growth. None of them nicely encapsulate the promise of profit. metaverse.

“Games are the most dynamic and exciting category of entertainment on all platforms today and will play a key role in the development of the Metaverse platform.” microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Agreement in January buy call of duty studio activision blizzard at $69 billion.

However, in the creative industry, even sequels that appeal to built-in fanbases can bomb, so gaming execs are bombarded with small deals and other panning.amazing mechanicsis similar to gambling As a means of squeezing more recurring revenue from a single successful title.

This practice is used by many anti-consumer behaviormay have poisoned the game industry’s well of ambitions into the metaverse. Square Enix etc..

Today, many of the industry’s most dedicated customers have nothing to do with games like: Axie Infinity, a Once-popular play-to-eating Encryption title A player who is bleeding steadilyor something like that.

Given that gamers spend much of their free time in virtual worlds, the relentless objection is ironic. As such, you might think that gamers are exactly the kind of consumers who are eager to embrace any effort to mainstream the idea of ​​the Metaverse. But in reality, they are very skeptical of his attempt to popularize Web3 because of its association with blockchains, cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Critics fear that blockchain innovation is just an excuse for studios to target as many customers as possible, an even more damaging evolution of microtransactions that are destined to be every element of future games.

fan uprising

As a result, reviewers are increasingly shying away from reporting on the latest arrivals to cover crypto-scams, scams, and pyramid schemes for their digitally savvy audience, warning of the dangers they pose.

One of them is the popular channel Upper Echelon Games. Accurately Predicted Collapse of Failed Crypto Lender CelsiusIn April, he blamed publisher Square Enix. Many major franchise sales favorite tomb Raider When deus ex “Free up cash for NFT game development”worst decision

Their main criticism is that none of these Web3 technologies add any value to the gaming experience, and in many aspects such as ownership and a secondary market for digital collectibles, they already exist to some extent in the gaming world. That means. without blockchain. They are not professionally monetized or managed.

User-generated content, as we all know on TikTok, is nothing new in the space.Some games include community-developed mods such as Fallout: London It’s based on Bethesda’s popular post-apocalyptic series, so polished that it could be mistaken for a studio production.

The developers of Minecraft, one of the metaverse’s most popular pioneers, Banned NFTs Last month, as the philosophy of the game, the aversion of the exclusive element to the customer collectively rejoiced.

Community reaction It didn’t work on the board of directors of a publicly traded publisher like Ubisoft.

I hope they will have a better understanding of the value we provide then. ” one executive argued When asked by a French company earlier this year why the company First NFT project Blockchain partner Tezos ghost recon breakpoint player. “They don’t get it right now.”

“Ubisoft considers NFTs too stupid to understand,” he wrote. a fan site It’s a symbolic reaction for the wider gaming scene.

A few weeks later, Ubisoft quietly withdrew support Further Ghost Recon NFT development like unique skins and weapons for and to go with the game after sales bombed.

Perhaps Benzies will have more luck, having proven they know how to develop one of the industry’s groundbreaking games in GTA V. wherever It is expected to arrive as early as next year.

luck We reached out to Benzies for comment.

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