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FTX Hacker All Set To Dump Ethereum (ETH) Holdings?

FTX Hacker News: Yet another possible blow to the crypto community is the FTX Hackers moved 195,000 Ethereum from wallets. This could mean that the hacker converts his transferred ETH into Bitcoin (BTC). According to his latest Etherscan report, the hacker transferred his Ethereum in several batches of 15,000 ETH. Meanwhile, this has caused the price of Ethereum (ETH) to drop even further, already down around 7% over the past week.

At the time of writing, the price of ETH is at $1,117, down 4.89% in the last 24 hours, according to the price tracking platform. coin market capitalizationAccording to recent transactions on the chain, FTX Drain transferred 15,000 ETH to 12 different addresses. The value of the assets totals approximately $200 million.

FTX Hacker Silence, Ethereum Sale

At one point, FTX hackers became the 31st largest owner of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency. The FTX exchange was hacked on November 11th. On the same day, FTX Chapter 11 Commencement of Bankruptcy Proceedings Because of the massive liquidity crunch. In this context, fat manProviding an update on Terra’s situation . He said the entire situation needs to be investigated.

“It’s pretty wild to me how nonchalant SBF and FTX seem about this absolutely massive hack. We need a task force on this now!”

The exchange saw an unusual transfer of over $600 million in cryptocurrencies from FTX and FTX US wallets. Also, the price of Ethereum began to fall as a hacker began converting his ETH holdings into Bitcoin. Interestingly, FTX Group claimed during its bankruptcy filing that it had valuable assets that needed effective management. The bankruptcy announcement also marks a change in the steering of operations at the cryptocurrency changed Sam Bankman-Fried John Ray as the new FTX CEO.

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