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FTX Europe, Binance’s Crypto Payments, Dogecoin’s Trademark + More News

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Exchange news

  • Cryptographic exchange FTX announcement this is FTX Europe He added that this established a presence in Europe and the Middle East and was approved by Cyprus’ financial market regulators. CySEC Through its domain. They said FTX Europe will begin offering FTX’s flagship products and services to European clients through a licensed investment company with pass-portable licenses throughout the European Economic Area.
  • Binance announcement Launch Bifinity As a payment provider from its official fiat currency to cryptocurrencies. Bifinity supports more than 50 crypto assets worldwide, all major payment methods, buying and selling crypto services for consumers, and low-cost payment process fees for merchants, they added. ..

Regulatory news

  • The Dogecoin FoundationThe community behind Dogecoin (DOGE) Project, have Trademark registration Dogecoin name and logo European Union Intellectual Property Office..they Explanation This is not intended to prevent meme use, but is a malicious expression that may be used to blackmail real Dogecoin developers or the community.
  • Know customer (KYC) and money laundering prevention (AML) screening software as a service Block path And crypto exchange Have announcement A partnership to ensure identity verification. displays information and updates about Blockpass’s native PASS tokens, Blockpass builds an “Identify NFT” system on the Chronos blockchain (and launches PASS on Chronos at the same time) and supports transactions compliant with the Chronos ecosystem. Provide.

Wallet news

  • Ethereum (ETH) Smart wallet Argent Has officially launched a Layer 2 solution that is supposed to provide cheaper and faster transactions without compromising security. Around TechCrunch.

Blockchain news

  • Digital sports entertainment and gaming company Draft Kings Announced that you participated polygon ((((MATIC) Ecosystem as a validator and no-operator. They say it’s the first time a major publicly traded company has played an active role in blockchain governance. DraftKings is partnering with B2B Digital Asset Infrastructure Provider Zero hash They added to be one of Polygon’s 100 validators.

Mining news

  • Bitcoin (BTC) Miner Cipher mining Abandoned Plan to buy Bitfury This year we will create a rig saying that we are aiming to be more flexible.The company had before pre order Bitfury’s 28,000-56,000 mining rigs. The maximum price per unit is US $ 6,250.
  • Malaysian National Power Company Tenaga National Bhd. Proposed a special rate to Bitcoin mining operators to combat electricity theft, Around Bloomberg. again, Energy Committee Encourage Bitcoin mining operators to apply for a legal power supply.
  • HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. Have announcement Supply contract with Intel Corporation Buy a new high performance ASIC chip that will be built into state-of-the-art mining equipment custom built for HIVE. It also Compute North LLC Hosting a 100 MW mining capacity at one of Texas’s new renewable energy data center facilities-HIVE’s first mining operation in the United States.

NFT News

  • American healthcare company CVS health Have Submission Trademark application showing potential plans to provide non-fungible tokensNFT) And medical services in virtual reality and augmented reality.However, this is not necessarily a giant Metaverse..
  • Trading card company Topps sold out The first edition of the company’s “Topps Timeless Series”, the famous 1952 baseball card NFT of the New York Yankees slugger Mickey Mantle, ETH 175 (USD 456,500) High seas Auction. “The Mick” goods are Major league baseball (MLB) and sold in collaboration with Mantle Estate.
  • Children’s film and television company Dolphin Entertainment Partner with Ethereum NFT Collection Flower girls To create scripted and unscripted television series, books, games, music, events, and products inspired by the NFT collection. Around variety. The NFT collection has 10,000 unique works of art by artist Varvara Alay.

Investment news

  • Australian NFT Startup Invariant Said raised US $ 200 million in a Singapore-led Series C funding round Temasek At a valuation of US $ 2.5 billion. They added that the funds will be used to drive Immutable’s global expansion plan, accelerate the company’s growth by investing in the Immutable X platform, and expand Immutable Gaming Studio.
  • Celebrity talent manager Scooter Braun quietly sold out About US $ 18 Million to Wayne Vaughan, CEO of Blockchain Startup, at a Waterfront Home in Austin, Texas TearionThe Wall Street Journal quoted and reported those who are familiar with trading.

Career news

  • Exchange of security tokens ADDX Have Appointment Investment banking veteran Oi-Yee Choo has been appointed as the new CEO Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). In response, the company expects total trading volumes to increase from US $ 150 million at the end of 2021 to US $ 1 billion by the end of 2023.

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