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Frank’s RedHot Launches First-Ever Edible NFT Ahead of Superbowl

Frank’s Red Hot Released the first ever “edible NFT” and joke currency “Bonecoin” ahead of the snack-heavy Super Bowl Sunday to pay homage to apps that fans couldn’t get enough. Buffalo wing.

Since 1920, Frank’s Red Hot has emerged as an iconic seasoning in the United States. The brand’s cayenne pepper sauce was even a secret material painted on the original Buffalo wing, created in 1964 in Buffalo, New York.

So what’s happening now? And how is Bonecoin considered? From January 27th to the end of the big game on February 13th, fans will be able to scan images of chicken wings bones to earn Bonecoin. Fans who have accumulated the most bone coins will win not only Frank’s Redhot NFT, but also its edible replica, the eNFT.

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Aria Chemet, Vice President of Creative and Digital at McCormick, said: “We are excited to offer the first edible NFT, or what we call eNFT. Enjoy football more than your own Frank Wing art, both digitally and edible. It’s a better way for. “

NFL star and Frank ambassador Eli Manning is also participating in the NFT action. On February 6, he was set up on the “Wing Wagon” between Fifth and 6th Avenues on West 49th Street in New York City, and the free Frank Red Hot Wing to disseminate information about the brand’s Bonecoin Challenge. Distribute. Actor and comedian Eric Andre is also a buffalo wing hot sauce superfan and evokes the brand’s buzz on social media.

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Of course, Frank’s Redhot wasn’t the first brand to take advantage of the ever-growing cryptocurrency epidemic. Nike, Coca Cola, Taco Bell And even NBA They are just a few of the many who have explored the power and potential of NFTs.


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