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Founder Bricks Drops Sneak Peek of Upcoming NFT Collection

“We are excited about the initial reaction to the project and very excited to show off the hard work spent on this collection,” he said. Brian Apio, Founder and Founder Brick Creator. “All art is incredibly well done and has attracted the attention of the NFT community, proven by the insane organic growth of the Discord group. Within about a month, it gained 60,000 members and gained 60,000 members. It keeps growing. I can’t wait to see it. What’s coming? “

Founder Brick will be available for purchase at Founder Brick Website Through initial public offering. At the time of purchase, a randomly selected founder brick will be created on the Ethereum blockchain, delivered to the collector’s MetaMask or Coinbase wallet, and published on OpenSea.

As a bonus and to reward early collectors, the original Founder Brick owner will receive a whole new and unique piece from the next Founder Brick “Dead” collection. The Dead collection represents a skeleton version of the original art, with new properties that expose the interior of the founder brick to the eroded exterior.this 4K Detailed art will be airdropped for free about 8 weeks after the early collector-only mint.

About Founder Brick:
Founder Brick is an NFT collection – a 3D digital art merchandise on the Ethereum blockchain that doubles as a membership. Behind the art is an elite team of founders and entrepreneurs with experience building multi-million dollar brands.Join Founder Bricks for more information discord continue Instagram When twitter..

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