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Former national swimmer Cindy Ong to raise funds for Ukraine with NFT collection of personal images

Petaling Jaya: Former national butterfly swimmer Cindion has launched the NFT collection and a portion of the proceeds will go to humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

According to the press statement, “Cindy Ong Swimmer – My Private Collection” will be available on March 20th at the NFT Marketplace OpenSea, consisting of 999 unpublished images.

The collection also includes five special NFTs, each auctioned in a framed swimsuit where Ong won five gold and two silver medals at the 2019 Fina World Masters Championships in Gwangju, South Korea.

Mr. On said he plans to release a personal NFT project for some time. She said she felt “fear” and “sadness” in the suffering of the Ukrainians due to the Russian invasion.

“I started thinking about how I could help, so I took advantage of my next NFT project to pay as much attention as possible to this humanitarian tragedy that had befallen the Ukrainian people. We decided to raise money for them, “said Ong.

On March 4, he met with Ukrainian Ambassador to Malaysia Alexander Nechytaylo to discuss the details of her NFT project. Nechytaylo thanked Ong for the initiative. Position On Twitter.

Ukrainian government makes donations in cryptocurrency Position On Twitter on February 26th.

“Since sending cryptocurrencies does not require intermediaries or banks, NFTs believe that ordinary people like us are the best way to support Ukraine. Ukraine has such funds. I installed an ERC-20 wallet to receive, and I decided to help, “Ong said.

NFT stands for irreplaceable token. NFTs are digital assets such as images, videos, and in-game items that can be bought and sold using cryptocurrencies with ownership details stored on the blockchain. It is a popular product among crypto investors and celebrities and is described as the lifeline of local artists during a pandemic.


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