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Former Argentina President Calls Ethereum Most Innovative Technology

The second largest blockchain network and its currency, ether, Not new to good recognition. The fact that its performance as a blockchain network and currency is second to none has consistently earned it worthy of approval from prominent individuals around the world.

As always, the latest of its kind came from former Argentine President Mauricio Macri. Mauricio Macri described this technology as the most innovative innovation of the century.

Ethereum is a century innovation

Makuri described Ethereum in this way, based on his recent encounter with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Explaining his encounter, the former president praised Ethereum technology and its currency (ETH), “attractive with Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, one of the most innovative decentralized technologies of the century. The Ethereum currency is one of the most valuable in the world. We will discuss the role of cryptocurrencies and blockchain opportunities for the state. ”

According to him, their discussion at the conference was mainly with the use of cryptography. Blockchain Government technology. In addition, the conference seems improvised for Buterin, who was in Argentina for a Latin American vacation tour. However, when he arrived at the improvised meeting, he was still recognized by the attendees of the event.

The description of an individual identified as Lorena Fabris, one of the members of the Web3 Protocol Foundation, compares Buterin’s contribution in cryptocurrencies to Argentine football superstars in sports. He added that his attendance at the event has much to add to the growing popularity of Ethereum-based protocols in the Argentine community.

Cryptography and Argentina

According to the information available, Buterin’s visit to Argentina was not just for entertainment purposes. According to a recent Chainalysis report, Latin American countries are one of the leading countries in the adoption of cryptocurrencies, thanks to the economic decline and devaluation of currencies.

The increasing adoption of cryptography in the country is also due to rising inflation. Bloomberg recently reported that the country’s inflation rate is about 50%.

The crypto market plunged further over the weekend, with its flagship crypto assets declining to $ 45,000. This does not allow Ethereum, as Ethereum has also declined. In fact, the second-largest asset in market value started weakly this week as it showed no growth.

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