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FOMOLab Unveils Private Sale Date and Accompanying Initial DEX Offering on UpLift DAO

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BinanceSmartChain-based NFT marketplace and management agency FOMOLab Announced the start date of the upcoming private sale and the first DEX Offering (IDO). Both events will be hosted on UpLift DAO, a fast-growing platform designed to incubate, launch and accelerate new blockchain projects.

FOMO Lab has partnered with Uplift for launch

The private round will begin on May 3, 2022 and end on May 10, 2022. Limited-time private sales and IDOs will help the UpLift community take advantage of the expanding FOMO ecosystem. Available to all members of the UpLift ecosystem that meet certain prerequisites. Participants who are deeply involved in social activities and willing to bet $ 10,000 $ LIFT tokens per week are more likely to be whitelisted for private sales. In addition, the private sale starts with a ticket size of 1,500 to 10,000 $ BUSD tokens.

Participants can increase their chances of winning a quota in the next private round of FOMO Lab by completing the KYC and performing additional tasks such as posting tweets about the next round and the reason for its excitement. increase. In addition, participants must follow and tag the official Twitter handles of both FOMO Lab and UpLift DAO in their tweets to collect a minimum of 50 engagements (comments, retweets, likes). All participants who complete these tasks are more likely to secure their quotas.

Khalil Kassam, co-founder of FOMO Lab, said:

“We are pleased to announce that FOMO Lab has entered into a new launch partnership with Uplift as an IDO lunchpad. Our mission is to bring NFTs to the masses and the strong community of NFTs is the same as us. We believe that there is no better ecosystem to support this than Uplift because it shares synergies and drives success. We combine resources to create the largest project ever. We look forward to accelerating some growth. “

FOMOLab is committed to promoting multi-chain NFT utilities throughout the blockchain universe as the first NFT marketplace to showcase ERC-115 and ERC-721 standard NFT bridging technology. The platform has generated more than $ 3 million in revenue within the first 10 months, thanks to its unique features and features.

Regarding hosting the event, UpLift DAO Operations Lead Irine Berezina said:

“We at UpLift are excited to work with best-in-class projects and entities such as FOMOLab to drive and support growth to create long-term success stories. FOMOLab is excited about the landscape of NFT spaces. We are building innovations to change and are pleased to be a launch partner and bring these IPs and innovations to the masses. “

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, FOMO Lab curates the NFT collection, which is considered commercially viable and artistic, and integrates the digital economy within technologies such as NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse to create a Web3 space. Transform. FOMOLab Is the first platform to offer a tri-chain NFT marketplace integrated with Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon networks.

With the support of early stage investment fund Ikagi Ventures, UpLift DAO is a lunchpad and incubator for disruptive blockchain projects. Backed by the $ LIFT Utility Token, UpLift DAO will collaborate with private investors and disruptive projects with the vision of becoming the first lunchpad with a vast community of 1 million active participants. Aims to become the leading platform for.

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