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Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley And Wife Brittney Announce NFT Mint Day

Today is Mint Day at the Chill Cowboy Country Club, a limited NFT collection of Brian Kelly and his wife Britney from Florida Georgia Line. The pair, along with WHY & HOW CEO and Founder Bruce Kalmick and WHY & HOW Ventures President Bryan Bulte, have partnered with Dallas-based platform and customer-centric Web3 company Tronic. The union gives members exclusive access to the benefits and experiences of the Chill Cowboy Country Club.

“We were impressed that tronic wanted to work with us because they are such experts in the field,” Britney tells me. “They are really one-stop shops. When we first met Tronic, we had already built a brand and brand identity in the NFT collection, but they really understood our potential and CCCC. I wanted to take it to the next level as a platform. “

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Britney says tronic has recognized the Chill Cowboy Country Club as a true brand from every angle. This partnership will allow teams to continue to build and educate their communities and become a platform for enhancing other NFT platforms.

Chill Cowboy Country Club 6,000 non-fungible tokens can be purchased from 4pm. With your purchase, you will earn exclusive membership in a club with three tiers: general admission, VIP, and legendary. Membership includes VIP access to concerts, chill cowboy fests, unreleased music and merchandise.

“Web3 is so new that it’s very exciting to bring this type of platform to market for the first time,” says Brian. “In addition to really cool utilities and experience, we have not only built partners to accompany this, but also so many new unknowns to keep rising.”

NFT’s founding artist partners include Danielle Bradbery, Tyler Bradbery, Breland, Halle Kerns, Raylin, Chaislice, Jeppu and Jessica Robertson. Duck DynastyLisrose and Drake White.

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“It’s important to have a founding artist partner, because we believe artists and creators will be successful in Web3,” Brian adds. “It’s great that we’re building a new frontier. We’re one of the first to come here. That’s why we educate and embark on others in rural spaces. You can help. That’s a big part of what we do – educate. Help other artists, songwriters, and industry players on how to build and further protect your creativity with Web3. Is our main goal. ”

Chill Cowboy Country Club donates a portion of its profits to Note notesA non-profit organization that builds, equips, and staffs music equipment and digital music stations in after-school recording studios, providing free access for young people to explore, create, and record music.

“In addition to providing free instruments and access to free studios, what we found very important was education about work in the music industry,” explains Brian. “That caught our attention. That’s what we’re doing at CCCC, created for community and networking. It’s about talking about education, the future, and technology. Supporting Notes for Notes. And I’m happy to share that mission with the owners of our members. “


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