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First National Geographic NFT Launch Meets Massive Backlash, Technical Issues

national geographic have Launched the first NFT Posted on Polygon and posted a detailed description of the technology on social media. Hundreds of fans of the 135-year-old nature-centric magazine were outraged.

NatGeo’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts are image of the Boad Ape Yacht Clubbake) with captions detailing the rise of NFT Monday NFTsis a unique blockchain token that indicates ownership.

Social media posts were designed to prepare for the magazine’s mainstream audience Own NFT drop upon polygonwas published on Tuesday and features work by 16 photographers including Justin Aversano, Reuben Wu, Cath Simard and John Knopf.


The reaction to NatGeo’s mere mention of NFTs on its social media accounts was met with an overwhelming number of negative comments, with NFTs being ‘already popped’, ‘bullshit’, ‘extinct species’ and even is “laundry.”

Many asked NatGeo to “remove this”.

Others argued that NFTs were outright “scams,” effectively throwing technology itself under the bus, even though people, not technology itself, create NFTs. Phishing scam When “rug handle

Even the manager of acclaimed photographer Ansel Adams account joined the conversation by replying to NatGeo’s Instagram post about NFTs with a simple “no”.

With such NFT recoil, sands Nuance, nothing new.i saw netflix fall out Last year when I made a free NFT as part of a promotion for the latest season of Stranger Things.and the video game industry continuous and consistent backlash From gaming publications and gamers themselves who despise technology.

The public perception of NFTs does not seem to have changed.of ethereum mergeExecuted in September 2022. 99.998%according to data from the Ethereum Foundation.

NatGeo has a huge following of well over 256 million on Instagram, 49 million on Facebook and 28.6 million on Twitter. But despite all the hate, an Instagram post about NFTs has over 100,000 likes.

Despite the outrage, it’s worth noting that NatGeo chose to launch NFTs at a time when NFTs’ trading volume was at a paltry amount it used to be. According to Dune Analytics DashboardPolygon saw a dramatic 80.5% drop in total NFT trading volume on OpenSea last month, with just $15.39 million, down from a record high of about $79.45 million.

Perspectives of NFT creators

While the majority of the more than 3,000 Instagram comments and nearly 200 Facebook comments were negative, some NFT artists argued that the majority of their opponents were poorly educated about NFTs. I raised my voice to suggest

“Welcome to the comments section. Here you will find a sea of ​​people who hate the incomprehensible in their natural habitat,” the artist wrote. Ryan Hawthornereleased an Ethereum NFT on the famous auction house Sotheby’s.

Betty, pseudonymous co-founder of the Ethereum NFT project Deadfellaz, said, “Most people making negative comments here have no useful application or problem that the technology solves/could solve. It’s a pity that I haven’t taken the time to learn about

Not all responding NFT creators and artists responded to NatGeo’s defense.of NFT artist Chuck Anderson, who goes by the name nopattern, criticized the magazine for using images of BAYC NFTs.

“Among all the incredible projects, artists, and concepts in the NFT ecosystem, BAYC is by far the trite and most tasteless example,” Anderson wrote. “Bummer [that] This is what people who haven’t jumped on are still being eaten. ”

Battle of Snow Crush

Those interested in creating NatGeo NFTs have also reported technical issues. The mint, designed by NFT platform Snowcrash, appears to be facing ongoing technical problems.

snowcrash themselvesBest NFT trading platform” and the platform communication engagement with prospects. Over 13 different Twitter users have expressed issues with the Mint site. Decryption Even 30 minutes after Mint was scheduled to go live, I found that I could not connect my wallet to the Mint site.

The mint issue seems to have been resolved after about an hour.

national geographic When snow crash not yet responded Decryptionrequest for comment.

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