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First collectible NFT card game on Avalanche Network with Metaverse By CoinQuora

Heroes of NFT: The first collectable NFT card game on the Avalanche Network using Metaverse

Heroes of NFT is a metaverse game environment where players can create their own Metasphere, roam the universe, interact with other users, enjoy play-to-ear games in the battle arena, and exchange NFTs. While waiting in the lobby, players can play a variety of games besides the first game, Heroes of NFT. For the time being, we’ll name the project after our debut game, Heroes of NFT.

The Heroes of NFT game is a turn-based collectible trading card game where you need to devise a strategy rather than relying on the pure chances and strengths of the hero. Fight heroes and opponents to complete missions and win. Players can take part in arena battles and show off their talents in tournaments while using their unique hero cards. Adding spell cards, weapons, cosmetics, and more to the game mechanics gives heroes additional power and customization options, and tournaments are even more challenging and exciting with an avatar that represents who you are. It will be a thing. In addition, these items are sold on the market and bring more volume to the gaming economy. All players will be awarded HRM tokens and spell cards as they earn experience points and advance their reward passes. The Play2 Earn mechanism of our game allows players to benefit from the gaming economy.

NFT heroes are different from other projects.

We have built an innovative division of labor in the Heroes of NFT ecosystem. This innovative model allows users to enjoy NFT heroes without playing games. Early investors, called Farmers, will benefit from providing HON tokens to ecosystems, thanks to the yield farming protocol. The majority of gamers can earn HRM tokens by playing the game. They will also be the ones who use AVAX to buy NFTs, use HON in the hero NFT, skins, metaspheres and hero item markets, and use HRM for in-game items. Workers who don’t play games as much as gamers but still want to earn money from NFT heroes can do so by staking the character NFT with HON tokens.

Unlike many projects on the Avalanche network, there are interactive games where you can play against your opponents, as opposed to browser-based idle games. An additional advantage is that players can start playing the game with a relatively small investment compared to some other projects.

HON, the owner of the Governance Token, will determine the future of the game through Project DAO. Therefore, the community has a tangible impact on designing the future of the game.

Our co-founders are a group of highly skilled individuals. All members are graduates of the same university, one of Turkey’s top internationally renowned universities. Team members live in the same city, so they have the opportunity to get together for team building activities. We feel that team building is important for start-ups.

We have key partners and supporters that are essential to the success of our project, including Avaxstars, NFTrade, Yetiswap, Colony, Maven Capital, DAR Labs and Adventures DAO. Their investment and partnership will help you develop your project while securing funding.

Future plans include updating the arena design and creating a 3D version of the character to provide a more realistic and effective experience while playing the game. Meanwhile, we plan to integrate in-game voice chat and emoji chat to increase player interaction.

Meanwhile, in the process of migrating the project to Metaverse, we plan to launch the Metaverse lobby screen, sell Metaverse (land), start using avatars, and launch AR / VR applications. The ultimate goal is to enjoy the game in the battle arena, create your own Metasphere, roam the universe, and interact with and exchange Avalanche NFTs with other users. First, design your own avatar and create your own NFT stand that can view and list all the NFTs for your Avalanche project for sale. Then let the avatars roam the universe, visit their neighbors, interact with other avatars, and explore their NFT stands. You can bid on their NFTs or make swap offers.

We aim to combine all the specifications to provide a platform where you can make money, have fun, and express yourself in different forms and formats, while at the same time providing a novel-like story. Follow us on Twitter (NYSE 🙂 to get information about IDO. Will be announced soon!

  • The heroes are #strongertogether and WAGMI.
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