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FanTiger launches India’s first Indie Rock Music NFT ‘Nusrat’ from the band ‘Naalayak’

New Delhi/Chandigarh [India]August 20 (ANI/PNN): FanTiger, India’s first music-only NFT marketplace, today launched India’s first indie rock music NFT, ‘Nusrat’ by popular Chandigarh-based band ‘Naalayak’. raised.

The band is led by singer and composer Sahil Samuel. (ww.FanTiger.com) is her second music NFT. At the end of July 2022, FanTiger released the first music NFT, his Sunanda Sharma’s ‘9-9 Mashukan’.

‘Naalayak’ has started selling NFT’s new song ‘Nusrat’. Fans can now invest in India’s first indie rock first music NFT with three tiers – Platinum, Gold and Silver – earn royalty income and gain priceless privileges. The song “Nusrat” will be streamed live on Wednesday 24th August 2022 on various social his platforms and music streaming apps.

The song ‘Nusrat’ can be defined by two words: ‘Nusrat’ which means ‘seeking’ and ‘Hurkat’ which means ‘freedom’. It therefore expresses a lingering quest for freedom from the past when it is already moving forward, but the past keeps coming back again and again. So I try to ridicule them so that they can live in peace in order to drive past turmoil into the driveway.

Speaking on the occasion, Prashan Agarwal, CEO and co-founder of FanTiger, said: The launch paves the way for artists to engage with FanTiger, build their own digital collections and connect with fans in a more engaging way. ”

“I would like to thank all the music fans and the Web 3.0 community for embracing our first music NFT and making it a success. , people working in this field have always been keen to find alternative sources of income for post-Covid artists, especially independent musicians, and music NFTs have filled that gap perfectly,” he added. rice field.

About the launch of the first Music NFT, Sahil Samuel, lead singer and composer of the Naalayak band, said: All about the fans. We believe Music NFTs will revolutionize the way musicians and fans create community and art together. It’s the concept of sharing and growing at the same time. It will help us grow, and at the same time the popularity of this song will benefit our fans. This is a change that the industry will see over time. ”

Music NFTs concept allows fans and investors to purchase partial ownership of songs, share royalty income, access exclusive communities and limited-edition signed merchandise, and personally interact with artists you can get the opportunity.

FanTiger recently received a $5.5 million seed round led by Multicoin Capital. The company plans to use the raised funds to grow its team across products, tech, expand industry partnerships and recruit more renowned and aspiring Indian artists.

FanTiger’s vision is to bring 10 million fans into the community and spread education and awareness about digital collectibles. Using NFTs, he will also deploy initiatives aimed at enhancing the careers of over 100,000 artists.

FanTiger.com is a music NFT marketplace committed to creating a decentralized community for artists and their fans by providing a platform to create, buy and sell digital collectibles. FanTiger has raised $5.5 million in a seed round led by Multicoin Capital.

Founded by former Gaana CEO and PropTiger co-founders Prashan Agarwal and Krishna Singh, FanTiger helps independent artists build fan communities on the platform and help fans build careers using music NFTs make it possible.

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