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Fandom Sports Set to Launch NFT Marketplace Including Gamification & Rewards | 2022-04-06 | Investing News

Platform plan to reward fan involvement with practicality and unique custom NFTS

Fandom Sports Media Co., Ltd. (CSE: FDM, forum).Vancouver-based gaming and entertainment company is ready to launch a gamification platform for all ages that provides non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for fan engagement.

Recently, the company has completed the development of a prediction engine, an NFT trading platform, and outlined a strategy for product launch, gamification, and reward implementation.

Gamification and Rewards Engine allow viewers to play and predict a wide range of their favorite live and pre-recorded events and receive NFTs for fan engagement. These events include MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, major international football leagues, esports, and all streaming and broadcast content.

Fandom Sports website

Fandom Sports & CloseCurlyQuote; Modular Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Sports Betting Platform ( Was started in January 2022. Now that the platform is up and running, companies can move to companies that generate sales and revenue.

With online platforms and mobile applications, fans can take advantage of real-time streaming and broadcast content such as sports and real-time events to place bets, make predictions and earn rewards.

Users can watch and use their favorite content Fandom Sports & CloseCurlyQuote; A prediction engine for making predictions and bets on friends and the global community. The company tagline is “Play, Predict, Get Rewarded”. & CloseCurlyDoubleQuote;

The FandomSports The platform is also mobile-friendly for forecasting and data interactions running on Android or iOS devices, allowing the company to target a large number of fans.

The platform was fully integrated with the company’s partner banks and online payment solutions.

include Skrill When NetellerAllows customers to fund their accounts to facilitate P2P betting on sports and esports.

Fandomart – FandomSportsNFT Marketplace

FandomSports Recently completed Fund Mart ((((, NFT Marketplace where fans can create, buy, sell, trade and store NFTs.

Users will be able to create real-time NFTs on the go by capturing the moments of their favorite events while enjoying the stream and introducing a new level of fan engagement.

Most important thing, Fund Mart Supports interoperability with other NFT exchanges and allows users to exchange items between platforms and protocols.

Final Step-Gamification and Rewards Engine

Fandom sports The development team has completed the engine for gamification and rewards and is expected to end in the second quarter of 2022. Once released, users will be able to anticipate, bet and create real-time NFTs to watch live events and interact with other fans. , All on one platform.

After release FandomSports It aims to provide content creators and stakeholders in key industries around the world with specific monetization and customer acquisition opportunities. Potential partners may include streaming and broadcasting platforms, including some of the most popular social platforms.

By incorporating that technology into your partner organization Fandom sports We plan to cast a wide range of nets to consolidate our audience and generate revenue.

Why did Fandom Sports choose polygons over Ethereum?

October 2021, FandomSports Concluded a technical partnership with polygon (Previously Matic), A blockchain framework that builds and connects Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, supporting efficient and scalable minting in the NFT marketplace ()

Ethereum Is a decentralized open source platform based on blockchain technology that uses Ethereum or ETH as the native cryptocurrency. The platform establishes a secure P2P network for executing and validating application code, also known as smart contracts.

FandomSports I tried several blockchain protocol organizations that could facilitate this feature, but eventually decided to adopt Polygon. The platform was in line with the company’s vision for real-time NFT creation and trading.

Many NFT platforms still use Ethereum, but they are very costly and time consuming, especially when it comes to mass adoption. FandomSports I chose Polygon because I wanted to take advantage of a cheap and secure blockchain network as well as being fast.

Polygons are designed to adjust so that the entire blockchain ecosystem cannot function as a closed silo. Instead, it acts as part of an interconnected broader spectrum. More importantly, the Polygon blockchain network is much faster than Ethereum, and its network charges are also highly manageable.

Another reason to choose Polygon is that it already works with most & CloseCurlyQuote; major blockchain-based Web3.0 games and NFT projects today. Decentraland, High seas, When sandbox.. In addition, it has 6x more games and NFT dApps (a decentralized app that uses NFTs and runs automatically through smart contracts) compared to other blockchains other than Ethereum.

NFT Marketplace comparable to the traditional art market

In recent years, the global NFT market has grown rapidly.according to Chain analysis, The market, a blockchain data analytics company, grew to approximately $ 41 billion (C $ 51 billion) in 2021. Traditional art and antique NFT sales in 2020 were $ 50 billion (C $ 62.7 billion).

Released in December 2017, High seas Is an open source decentralized platform for digital assets based on Ethereum blockchain technology. It is considered to be the world’s largest NFT marketplace where users can create, buy and sell NFTs on the go.

January 2022, OpenSea & CloseCurlyQuote; s Parent company & CloseCurlyQuote; s, Ozone networkThe total valuation reached $ 13.3 billion (C $ 16.5 billion). Transaction volume on the platform in 2021 exceeded $ 14 billion (C $ 17.5 billion), an increase of 646% year-on-year.

Earlier this month GameStop & CloseCurlyQuote; s (NYSE: GME) The long-awaited NFT Marketplace has been launched in beta mode. The first platform introduced in May 2021 was Loop ring technology Ethereum’s zkRollup Layer2 (L2) protocol for cryptocurrency payment and trading services. GameStop It aims to provide a cost-effective, fast and secure way for users to manage NFTs.

NFT companies booking $ 1 billion transactions

last fall, SolareFrance-based NFT start-up has raised $ 680 million (C $ 755 million) in Europe, achieving the largest round of funding in Series B history, with a valuation of 4.3 billion. It exceeded the dollar (C $ 5.4 billion). Dapper LabsVancouver-based NFT start-ups have raised $ 250 million in their latest funding round, with a valuation of over $ 7.6 billion (C $ 9.5 billion).

Solare We plan to use our earnings to build a football-focused fantasy sports NFT platform and register in the top 20 football leagues. Dapper Labs We plan to use this money to enhance the user experience on the platform, develop new IPs, and extend the flow blockchain. Dapper Labs Is best known for developing the NBA Top Shot, an NBA-focused NBA marketplace where users can buy and sell collectibles, and recently won an NFT contract with Liga.

January, NFL Quarterback Tom Brady & Close Curly Quote; NFT Platform, Autograph.ioRaised $ 170 million (C $ 211 million) in a Venture Capital-led Series B funding round, Andreessen Horowitz When Kleiner Perkins.. sign It features NFT collections from various celebrities in the sports and entertainment industry, including The Weeknd, Naomi Osaka, Tiger Woods, Simone Biles, Tony Hawk and Usain Bolt.

March, ImmutableAustralia-based NFT platform raises $ 200 million (C $ 252 million) in Series C funding rounds, raising startup and CloseCurlyQuote valuations to more than $ 2.5 billion (C $ 3.1 billion) I did. Immutable Best known for developing NFT-based games such as Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians, as well as the Ethereum scaling infrastructure platform Immutable X (IMX). Immutable We plan to use the proceeds to expand our business outside Australia to fund potential mergers and acquisitions.

Fandom Sports & CloseCurlyQuote; Strategy

Fandom sports We plan to leverage current trends to build a platform at the intersection of livestreaming, esports, sports and unique NFTs. With the company’s innovative forecasting technology, the market enables specific utilities across a variety of content platforms.

FandomSports It currently has a market capitalization of less than C $ 20 million and is trading at C $ 0.22.

For more information about the company, please visit:

Chris Thompson, CFA, MBA, P. Eng.

Equity Research President and Director

eResearch Corporation

100 University Avenue, 5th floor

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5J 1V6

(C) 416 574 0469



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