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Facebook May Introduce A Feature That Lets Users Showcase NFTs

MetaCEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that NFTs will definitely appear on Instagram last month, Then ask the question: does it also come to Facebook? Based on the findings of programmer Alessandro Paluzzi, this seems to be the case for the widely used social media platforms.

Leak Star claims that Facebook is working on a new feature called a digital collector without providing much information. This will probably allow users to introduce the NFT collection.Based on the screenshots he provided, future features will be in the user’s profile[写真]It will be placed on the tab. Unfortunately, Paluzzi didn’t include an example of how Digital Collectibles would visualize the artwork, but it’s very likely that it will be arranged like a regular album.

It’s unclear if Facebook’s built-in NFT functionality reflects Instagram’s capabilities. As Zuckerberg revealed last month, Meta will provide a way for users to create new NFTs on media sharing platforms, in addition to providing a way to showcase their collections. Speaking of Instagram, Paluzzi has a new Digital Collectibles tab in the app every time this feature is implemented through follow-up tweets.[NewPost]It was also revealed that it will be included in the menu.


Currently, everyone is still guessing when Meta will actually introduce NFTs on Facebook or Instagram. One thing is certain: the social media conglomerate’s plans to include digital collectibles in the platform and future metaverses are inevitable. Zuckerberg has previously pointed out that NFTs play an important role for the latter. Meta allows users to mint items such as avatar clothes.

(Source: Alessandro Paluzzi [1] [2]).

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