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F11 To Launch Digital Football Marketplace After Successful Token Launch

Singapore, Singapore-(Newsfile Corp.-December 15, 2021)-With F11 (First Eleven), a digital marketplace for football enthusiasts, users are uniquely curated by their favorite football players and clubs. You can realize your dream of retaining artwork.

Co-founders Zachary Anderson (left) and Kaz Patafta (right).

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With F11, users can experience the best football news, equipment, live scores, and access to the best football-related NFTs.

Team F11 Explanation:

“We’re not just an app. We’re a community of football lovers. Our focus is on building a fascinating community of football lovers. Feel the adrenaline rush on the pitch at F11. . “

The F11 team is made up of professional soccer players, marketers, developers and community managers who have a wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency, NFT and football industries. The platform was created with many unique features such as NFT collection, winning voting system, F11 Fantasy Champions League, staking, lunch pad, F11 foundation and much more.

F11 team and features

The F11 NFT collection is developed by renowned soccer players. Each NFT has a different rarity curated by a soccer player. Keep in mind that the higher the NF, the higher the cost of purchasing from the seller. The F11 Fantasy Champions League allows users to create avatars and hit the pitch. The F11 Fantasy Champions League also allows players to develop their own NFT version.

With F11, users can win NFTs and prizes by participating in match results (wins or draws), which is the concept of voting and winning. Users must swipe and vote on various match equipment before starting the game. However, the platform allows users to view equipment, live scores, and news for free, but users have to pay to vote for the results of the match.

In addition to NFTs, the platform also offers owners the opportunity to bet their tokens and earn fan tokens for their favorite teams. These teams will be listed on the F11 Ranch Pad. In addition, the Lunch Pad will allow the listed football clubs to raise funds from the club through IDO. The platform also has a liquidity pool funded by fans who act as a liquidity provider for the club to fund its activities.

Meanwhile, the platform has created an F11 foundation to support young football talents, enabling them to realize their dream of becoming a star. The Foundation wants to influence the world as it helps young talent get all the resources they need to become a star.


The F11 The community has ERC20 native tokens. The total supply of $ F11 is 2,000, 000, 000, 000, 000 F11. In particular, 1,000,000, 000, 000, 000, 000 F11 will be burned at startup and an additional 0.5% of all buy and sell transactions will be retained on a regular basis due to token burning. Tokens provide the ability for users to become legendary by participating in P2P games. This token allows users to participate in the F11 Champions League and have the right to vote for their favorite clubs.

5% of the total supply is reserved for the F11 team and 10% is for promotional purposes. This includes airdrops to soccer players and other influencers to encourage $ F11 promotions. The platform also plans to use 9% sales tax on all sales transactions for the marketing and development of tokens, but about 3% of sales transactions are for more important purposes First Eleven Foundation. Will be sent to.

Note F11 still has a lot to offer for the community, as it lurks a list of CEX and strategic partnerships.

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