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Explore parallel universes with OutSad NFT

In the current market, not only market trend analysis and discussion of excellent projects in the virtual currency market, but also how traditional companies are involved in and develop business strategies in Web3.0, and IP methods. NFTs can be seen everywhere. NFT grants him one ticket to enter the Metaverse. It’s all about business, originality in how to protect art creation, solutions to digital scarcity, tying native digital artwork ownership to public entry, and making artwork collectible. They neglect to give them the power to do so.

But the question here is whether the space protects creators from plagiarism.

The most important reason why NFTs can quickly get out of the circle with some Web3 tracks is that they have the properties of verifiability, uniqueness, atomicity and traceability, which makes them applicable to a wide range of scenarios and practical can solve the problem.

The first place NFTs “made a lot of money” was in the arts field, where ownership issues were most prominent. Paintings, music, or videos can now exist in the form of his NFTs. Creators have direct ownership of their creations and don’t have to worry about counterfeiting epidemics. There are no longer any middlemen to make the difference, and the rights and interests of the original creators seem to be maximally guaranteed.

Ironically, as NFTs become more and more popular, a number of plagiarism and theft of works have recently been uncovered. Aja Trier, Lois van Baarle and many other artists have found their work cast and sold anonymously on Opensea.

In other words, people are interested in price, return on investment, and easy ways to make money, and not the relationship between owners and NFTs, the intrinsic value of Non-fungible Art, or the development of the NFT ecosystem. understood. Welcome to the new web age. NFTs are not financial derivatives, they are bridges that connect people from the virtual world to the real world, helping to increase social immersion.

Many NFT projects currently set the bar for customer relationships so low that customer relationships are not maintained post-deal and royalties are only accrued based on price. Individuals in that space either have less connection with it or are unable to adequately communicate their emotions.

sad Empathize with your users’ emotions, connect them as NFTs in Web3, and help you express your true attitudes and emotions in the metaverse.

What is Outsad?

The Metaverse allows users to bring and reconstruct their assets, identities, and remnants of their past, but what about their emotions? The possibility of transcending our emotions into the Metaverse is interesting. What if in a parallel world our lives were different or even the same as ours?

Every emotional shift, every different choice divides the world into parallel universes. They do not overlap or intersect, but they can perceive each other in two different worlds. sad A conceptual NFT built on Ethereum that monitors mood changes and the different choices users make to create alternative channels for their personality in parallel worlds.

After 700 days of work, the artist has created over 3000 original painting manuscripts and 4,500 material models. Hundreds of refactorings were required to complete 5,000 unique NFT assets in 5,000 parallel universes.

A group of artists, technologists and celebrities strives for the belief that a person who is alone in one universe must have a “doppelganger” from another universe.

When a user buys OutSad, they’re not simply buying a rare piece of art. They have earned membership access to the club, whose benefits and services increase over time. The community unlocks future realms and perks by activating the roadmap. OutSad clubs encourage innovation and provide an autonomous space where the community can generate new ideas and act quickly from collective decision-making and the power of the community.

The OutSad entity grants each owner a worldwide license to use, copy, and display the purchased art, along with any extensions they choose to use. All owners own their individual commercial rights. OutSad NFT is tied to the user’s emotions, thus minimizing the risk of plagiarism. User artwork will not be used maliciously or minted by others for profit.

With the bear market intensifying, it’s the right time for owners to work together to elevate and strengthen their projects. As the hype slows down, so does the opportunity to build real value.

For more information on OutSad, please visit the link below.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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