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EXCLUSIVE: Tony Stewart On Orange Comet Partnership, NFTs As ‘Next Generation Of Collectibles’ For Fans

NASCAR, INDYCAR, USAC Champion Tony Stewart booting Non-fungible token To engage with his fans and create the next generation of Web3 technology.

Interest in NFT, connecting with fans: Stewart and Tony Stewart Racing partnered When comet orange About the upcoming launch of NFT.

Stewart takes credit for his wife Leah Pruett NHRA drag racing driver, NFT launch partner and interested in NFT.

“Actually, my wife Leah is pretty tech-savvy. I’m probably the least tech-savvy person on the planet,” Stewart told Benzinga when he first heard about NFTs.

Stewart said he didn’t understand NFT for a while, but he became interested after hearing stories like other athletes. lebron james I hear his wife detailing the space at a NASCAR event.

The former NASCAR champion said he is excited about fan reaction to the NFT and what the Orange Comet can do in the space.

“It’s like going back to the days of baseball cards.”

Stewart said everyone was excited about cards when they were kids, and now they have the same feeling about NFTs.

Speaking about NFTs and seeing demos of their upcoming launches, Stewart said, “I’m turning five and I’m so excited.” “Orange Comet can do so many cool things.”

NFT drops: Orange Comet is the New York Islanders and AMC Networks AMCX The hit show The Walking Dead.

“We tell stories with NFTs,” said CEO and co-founder of Orange Comet Dave Bloom told Benzinga. “This is a celebration of a man’s career.”

Bloom told Benzinga that Stewart is iconic and excited to announce the collection.

This collection contains 30 Champion Series NFTs. The NFT price is converted to the equivalent of $5,000. ethereum Ethereum/USD.

Each Champion Series NFT comes with Stewart’s signature official firefighting uniform. Other utilities for NFT holders include virtual hangouts with Stewart on zoom video ZM Hospitality access at the racecourse.

Owners of 30 Champion Series pieces also have the chance to own a one-of-a-kind collection.

“We will be giving away one of these 30 people. This is one of Tony’s cars that is unprecedented.”

One owner will receive Stewart’s car from the 2011 NASCAR Championship Cup.

The unpriced Legacy Collection contains 500 pieces. Fans who purchase 2 or more of his NFTs from this series will receive an autographed hat. Legacy Collection owners also have a chance to win a spot on his Zoom hangout with Stewart.

“This is a limited series in many ways,” added Bloom, with a total of 530 pieces.

Stewart said he was excited to hear what the car’s winner was going to do with it.

“Shall we make it a lawn ornament? [and] sitting in their living room? asked Stewart.

NFT will be released on August 23rd, Tony and open sea.

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Stewart on the Drop: Stewart said he wanted to do an NFT drop with car giveaways “because no one has ever done something like this.”

Stewart likes to be part of the first, including the races, businesses and life moments in which he succeeds.

The racing legend was the first driver to win the USAC Triple Crown and the only driver to win championships in NASCAR, INDYCAR and USAC.

Stewart said he encourages other athletes to consider the NFT space as well.

“I see no minuses in it. The sky is the limit.”

The race car driver and team owner also says that NFTs can create memories that “will last a lifetime” without having to worry about the sun and wrinkled corners of a sports card.

“This is the next generation of collectibles.”

Growth of Orange Comet: NFT’s production and promotion company, Orange Comet, specializes in arts, sports and entertainment drops.The company was founded by Bloom along with being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame Kurt Warner and Grammy award-winning musician Emilio and Gloria Estefan.

Bloom said he is a sports fan and knows how important it is to find an icon like Stewart in NFT’s collection. He said he was thrilled to partner with Stewart and bring his “ridiculously great career” to Orange Comet’s storytelling abilities.

“It was a no-brainer,” Bloom said.

Bloom said he hopes Web3 and NFTs will continue to evolve. Regarding the Orange Comet’s future plans and potential partnerships, Broome said there’s still a long way to go.

“You’re going to see some pretty big announcements.”

Photo courtesy of Orange Comet.

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