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EXCLUSIVE: 2021 NFT Recap On Big Brands, Apes Flipping Punks, Non-Ethereum Projects And Discord With NFT Experts – Pepsico (PEP)

2021 may be down as that year NFT It became a hot topic for cryptocurrencies and became a favorite of many investors. This can be the start of a multi-year run or a one-time moment in the spotlight. Benzinga recently spoke with several NFT investors and industry experts to summarize the exciting years of the sector.

NFT Expert: Benzinga talked about their views on the 2021 NFT:

Luc Doucet – NFT proponent and founder First mint

Avery Akineni -President Vayner NFT

Josh Ong – NFT collector, NFT consultant

Hunter Orel – Web3.0 Investor

Matt Higgins – Co-founder, CEO RSE Ventures

Big brand: The ongoing theme for 2021 was to drive expansion from major brands to the NFT sector. This is PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP) With them Unique NFT launch, Nike Co., Ltd. (NYSE:NKE). purchase RTFKT When Adidas (OTC:ADDYY). Alliance When Boring ape yacht club, Punks Comics When Gmoney..

VaynerNFT is one of the companies that helped bring large brands like Pepsi into NFT spaces.

“Bringing them centuries of brand-building experience, brands participating in NFT spaces justify it in a key way while opening the lock to mainstream consumers,” said Akkineni.

Doucet was more cautious about major brands entering the space and called some entries “half-hearted efforts.” Doucet praised adidas for taking the time to enter in a “classy and community-centric way.”

Ong shared some of the attention from Doucet.

“There will be some tension between the decentralized values ​​from early values ​​to space and the brand’s tendency towards advanced management and centralization,” said Ong. “Internal supporters of these brands play a key role in helping us move to web3.”

Orrell said the big brands will help more people participate in the NFT space, but the NFT ecosystem is independent of the big brands.

“My honest opinion is that it’s important to have a brand that uses NFTs well and builds its own industry-leading mechanics for its fans, not the ones that are slamming NFTs into everything.” Orrell said.

Boring Ape Yacht Club: Every month in 2021, the main stories of the NFT collection were featured Boring ape yacht club.. By the end of 2021, boring apes will be temporarily passed Minimum charge CryptoPunksRepresents the reversal of the old good stock by the new good stock.

Ong, who owns two Bored Ape NFTs, was surprised to see Apes passing through CryptoPunks soon.

“I’m definitely bullish on the utilities that come with yacht club membership and the momentum of having an active team on the project,” Ong said.

Orrell, a member of the Bored Ape community, said he initially did not expect a reversal to occur in 2021. With a significant moment in 2021, Orrell believed that Apes would pass the value of punk by early 2022.

“By the middle of this year, we found that the community was different and Yuga Labs was running at a level where no one else was running,” Orrell said. “I remember seeing the procession for the BAYC event in New York and realizing that it wasn’t just the owner anymore, but now the brand’s fans have joined the procession.”

Doucet said this trend could continue in 2022 as apes pass through another NFT collection.

Higgins admits that he didn’t see boring apes playing CryptoPunks in the 2021 lowest price rating. Axie Infinity When Dapper LabsSaid Gary Weinachuk I showed him CryptoPunks in March and suggested that he buy some.

“Open your smartphone now and buy five!” Higgins told Vee, admitting he hadn’t bought a flat tire at the time.

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2021 Trends: NFTs tended to surge overall even after passing a “cryptocurrency” search on Google in 2021, but there are some trends within the NFT sector, such as PFP, play-to-earn, and NFT utilities. there was.

“PFP stays here, but with the advent of Twitter, Discord, and other web2 platforms, we’ll make a huge leap from late 2022 to 2023,” Doucet said.

Utilities were the biggest trend Akkineni pointed out about NFTs in 2021.

“We expect this trend to continue. Token ownership allows physical, digital, and empirical access,” Akkineni said.

Higgins called for utility-driven tokenomics as a major trend in 2021.

“Cyber ​​kongz really paved the way in my opinion by developing a strong community backed by thoughtful tokenomics, also known as bananas,” Higgins said.

Tokenomics and practicality are the reasons Higgins sees play to earn the next billion-dollar industry as a natural extension of what’s already happening in the game.

“Are you spending billions of dollars on skins that have no use other than in-game performance or fame? Now the foundation of an NFT that can earn tokens in the Metaverse and recognize its own value. Hierarchy the ability to actually own the IP that will be. This will be large. “

Is it possible to catch Ethereum? : Most of the big NFT collections Ethereum (Cryptography: ETH) 2021 blockchain.

“Honestly, I can’t wait for the day when I don’t even talk about or even care about which blockchain the NFT is on. In the near future, I’m asking which chain the NFT is connected to because I’m surfing Instagram. It would be like asking which mobile provider you are using, Dusset said.

On highlight Solana (Cryptography: Sol), polygon (Cryptography: MATIC) When Immutable X (CRYPTO: IMX) Used for NFT in 2021.

“Especially, this doesn’t have to be the winner, as there will be better cross-chain solutions,” said Ong.

Orrell emphasized Polygon as a potential future winner, thanks to gas prices that are almost non-existent. Orrell also selected Tezos as an amazing success story in 2021.

“My prediction is that Polygon and Tezos will grow further in 2022, especially with P2E games,” Orrell said.

Higgins suggested Aro Grand (Cryptography: Argo) As an NFT cryptocurrency to monitor.

“They are building something special and in many ways are better than ETH,” says Higgins.

Higgins said it would be a long time before Ethereum was knocked out of the NFT’s leadership position.

Discord Growth, Twitter Space: Two companies that have benefited from NFT growth discord When Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Thanks to its space function.

“This is very similar to the chat room we used a lot in the (Discord) 1990s, and after all, the Metaverse we all want is a basic chat with emoji and like-minded people. “I’m sorry,” Doucet said of Discord.

Akkineni called Discord “the lifeline of today’s NFT community” and said NFT news would break on Twitter.

“I think there’s room in that space for another player, especially when bridging the social side of the user viewing the NFT collection. There’s a bit of a gap at this point,” Akkineni said. ..

Orrell believes that other social media platforms, LinkedIn and Instagram, are using the site from a “marketing and cultural perspective” to benefit from more NFT brands.

Higgins came up with a good analogy to explain how important Discord is to the NFT community.

“Discord is a metaverse of what lithium batteries are for Tesla. Someday something else might power Tesla, but for now, without those batteries, Tesla would be. No, “Higgins said.

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Photo: Courtesy of Unsplash

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