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Ethereum whales diversify to MATIC as altcoin integrates proof-of-stake mainnet with FTX

  • When the price of Ethereum drops below $ 3,000, whales will diversify into altcoins like MATIC in their portfolio.
  • MATIC launched a staking program at Bitfinex, providing 90 million tokens to the staking program.
  • Analysts believe that MATIC performed a classic bull trap and posted a major fix after a minor recovery.

Ethereum whales are adding altcoin to diversify their portfolio. Analysts are bullish on MATIC’s price recovery and anticipate a altcoin trend reversal.

Analysts believe MATIC’s price movements will create a bullish trap for traders.

Today, the cryptocurrency market has been hit by a catastrophe. MATIC prices recorded a loss of 13% overnight. Altcoin launched a staking program at Bitfinex, offering 90 million tokens in exchange. Supporters MATIC Price after the start of the staking program.

MATIC The network has integrated Proof of Stake Mainnet with FTX. Users can now deposit and withdraw Altcoin on either chain. Therefore, the Polygon network has achieved two important milestones with the start of its investment in FTX.

@Trader_XO, a pseudonym cryptocurrency analyst, MATIC Predicted price trends and altcoin price spikes. Analysts believe that altcoin prices are only one-way, which is positive.

Cryptographic analyst and trader @BitQueenBR believes that MATIC prices are approaching the trendline that has been respected since 2021. However, if the price of MATIC falls below its previous high, the downtrend may continue.

Analysts claim that MATIC prices have set a bullish trap for traders and hope they will recover from altcoin prices.

FXStreet analysts believe that the price of MATIC may fall below significant support. This could bring altcoin to $ 1.7 and continue the downtrend.


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