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Ethereum Whale With Over $500 Million in Assets Accumulated 18.8 Trillion Shiba Inu ($SHIB)

Blockchain data shows that a massive Ethereum ($ETH) whale with over $500 million in total assets is currently amassing over 18.8. Trillion Shiba Inu ($SHIB) tokens since launching meme-inspired cryptocurrency purchases in July 2022.

Whales have been accumulating $SHIB since the cryptocurrency price crash from about $0.000027 to about $0.011 in April 2022, according to data from blockchain wallet management platform Zerion.

So far, Whale has accumulated over 18.8 trillion tokens worth over $226 million, making it the largest token position it currently holds. Their average $SHIB cost was $0.000015, which means they lost a total of about $68.9 million on that position.

SHIBCHART showing whale accumulation Source: Zerion

Whale’s second largest position is Ethereum’s native $ETH token, which holds cryptocurrency worth about $195 million. Next, Whale said he holds Polygon ($MATIC) worth $42 million and Chainlink ($LINK) worth about $13 million. The data show that we started accumulating $MATIC in June and $LINK in August. At the time of writing, Whale can sell both of these holdings for a profit.

Whale also holds $8 million worth of Compound ($COMP), a Money Market Protocol governance token it began acquiring in July after the price crash, and $5.3 million worth of Uniswap ($UNI). . We are equally profitable in both of these holdings.

As Daily Hodl reportdata from the blockchain shows that Whale Accumulation owns about 1.88% of the total circulating supply of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency, making it the sixth-largest Shiba Inu ($SHIB) holder. I’m here.

As reported, Shiba Inu Leading the “trend” chart After being listed on one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in South Korea, it was listed on the website of a popular cryptocurrency aggregator.

Seoul-based exchange Upbit has recorded more trading volume than any other exchange in the country after Binance, recently with the $SHIB pair trading against the South Korean won (KRW). announced the listing of

The largest whale on the Ethereum ($ETH) network is Accumulated approximately $85 million in $SHIB Ahead of the launch of the Layer 2 scaling solution, the non-fungible token (NFT) issuance took place at a “special event” when the meme-inspired cryptocurrency partnered with North American luxury brand Bugatti Group. . The Bugatti Group held a “Mint Party and Space” dedicated to Shiboshi.

A special mint, according to a meme-inspired cryptocurrency-related account Collection “Sold out in 4 minutes” Demand for tokens far exceeded supply, so the event

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