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Ethereum Solidity devs can save Gas Fees with new tool External

Its very technical, but also very interesting for those who have to put up with high gas charges at ETH and don’t even have to learn another code language: Ethereum Solidity developers have gas charges with the new transpiler tool. Can save

At the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai last week, the enterprise blockchain industry introduced to a smart contract transporter with the ability to port / convert code written in Ethereum’s popular Solidity language to Bitcoin scripts. it was done.

SCrypt is a high-level Javascript-based language used by many BSV smart contract developers to compile directly into low-level Bitcoin scripts. This tool promises the possibility that Ethereum (ETH) developers can program in BSV without learning another language. Transpiler allows you to easily port your existing smart contract code written in Solidity to BSV with tools that do most of the tedious work, click here.

Patrick Prinz, Managing Director of the BSV Bitcoin Association, said: As you learn, developers will gain insurmountable knowledge about the process of using Bitcoin scripts. ”

Patrick further states: “This tool does a great job of converting most code into Bitcoin scripts in an executable format, but it requires manual hacking by the developer. These differences are not due to the transpiler. , Related to the fact that ETH and BSV are two different types of blockchain architectures. ”

As a jump-start development tool for ETH developers looking to explore and learn how to create smart contracts with BSV Bitcoin scripts, this tool is perfect and has started career programming in Solidity. It plays an important trial role for developers of. However, if the developer is looking for a “black box solution”, it can be disappointing.

This tool does more than just automatically convert all programs, as transpilers normally do. However, this transpiler helps experienced programmers start thinking about the “Bitcoin SV Method”.

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