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Ethereum News: Goldman Sachs to Bring Ether Option, Bloomberg Values Ether at $6,000

Details of these and other recent top headlines for Ethereum below:

Wall Street Bank Goldman Sachs Adds Ethereum to Cryptographic Options Basket

Goldman Sachs has announced plans to include Ethereum’s cryptographic options, which are considered another step by financial institutions to increase their presence in this early space. This development will take place after the Wall Street giant bank launched its first option and completed its first Bitcoin transaction last month.

According to recently Bloomberg Report, Andrei Kazanzev, Global Head of Cryptography at Goldman Sachs, told client webinar on Tuesday that the Ether option will come. “Soon” Primarily because banks have registered a surge in investor interest in their asset classes. Kazanzev said the upcoming merger with the Beacon chain has contributed to this growing demand from customers.

George Lewin-Smith, a bank’s digital asset associate, also confirmed that customers have changed and developed their preferences for Ether. “More investable asset classes.”

This is why Mark Cuban is bullish on “merge”

Mark Cuban, an American investor and crypto enthusiast, sees a bullish mood in the move to Ethereum’s PoS chain. Emigration is one of the reasons why Ethereum, which is optimistic for millionaires, thrives. luck Report..

The integration of Ethereum’s mainnet and beacon chain has been widely praised as the most important update of the network since its launch in 2015. Ethereum will make a gradual transition from an energy-intensive proof-of-work protocol to a less burdensome proof-of-stake protocol. This transition will make Ethereum a more environmentally friendly chain, significantly reducing the power consumed when completing transactions and reducing consumption by up to 99.98%.

The transition from mining to staking will ship this summer, except for development records.

Another reason Cuba foresaw an optimistic future is that Ether is likely to become deflationary in the post-merger environment. The supply of Ether can be significantly reduced, which will lead to an upward trend in the price of native tokens.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks, however, said luck He owns several ETH and Ethereum NFTs, but hasn’t bet them on the PoS Beacon chain. At the moment, there are 11,192,226 ETH in the Beacon Chain staking contract. data Provided by Etherscan.io.

In particular, Cuba was initially less enthusiastic about major crypto assets other than Bitcoin, but that changed with the inclusion of Ethereum. DeFi NFT function that enables smart contracts.

Increased DeFi activity will cause Ethereum transaction fees to skyrocket

Ethereum’s current daily charge is $ 23,598,001 at the time of writing, about 54 times that of Bitcoin. This trend is also reflected in the average price for 7 days. On the DeFi network, you can see up to four times the charges recorded with Bitcoin.

According to the data from the analysis platform CryptoFees.info, Until April 5, Ethereum’s average weekly rate was $ 3,360,658 compared to Bitcoin’s $ 511,541. This is a continuation of the long-term trend that Ethereum charges are often multiples of Bitcoin charges.

However, this is on a downward trend as Ethereum prices have fallen sharply in recent months.Santiment Note The average gas price on April 6 was $ 5.81 compared to $ 69.57 on May 11 last year. Negative transaction fees often plague networks, but upcoming updates in the coming months could improve blockchain performance.

Bloomberg estimates Ethereum’s “real” value at $ 6,000

according to Market watch, A new report by Bloomberg Intelligence shows that the actual value of native tokens in the largest DeFi ecosystem is significantly higher than current market prices suggest.

At the beginning of April, Ethereum soared and lived in the $ 3,400 range. Recent market activity shows that it hit resistance at around $ 3,500 and as a result retreated to $ 3,260. According to Blomberg’s discounted cash flow model, the actual numbers should be 180% higher than the market numbers. This is a number valued at $ 6,128. The report is written by EthereumEquity-like products,Courtesy of the upcoming transition to PoS consensus.

Bloomberg Intelligence, in the post-merge scene, Ethereum stackers are probably “Higher payments and reduced issuance “ Due to the total charges paid and the surge in demand for blockchain space. However, keep in mind that contrast can still occur.

The assessment highlighted by the report was that Ethereum’s cash flow could increase by 30% over the next three years before touching on terminal growth in 2035. We also predicted that the revenue collected in 2022 could be 30% higher than in 2021. The Ethereum Network recorded a transaction fee of $ 9.8 billion.

For more information on Ethereum, Investing in Ethereum guide.

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