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Ethereum (ETH) Sees $102M Liquidations, Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) Flat

Ethereum ETH / USD Over the last 24 hours, $ 102 million has been cleared, significantly leading the clearing of cryptocurrencies.

What happened: According to the data from CoinGlass, ETH was liquidated yesterday with a short of $ 59.96 million and a long of $ 42.47 million. Asset prices reached a daytime high of $ 1,654 late Sunday, but plummeted to $ 1,557 in the next two hours.

Sudden negative price behavior may have been triggered by a large number of sell orders on crypto exchanges FTXAccording to the crypto trader Ninja.

“It certainly seems to have been a bullish trap,” another crypto trader wrote in. twitter..

in the meantime, Bitcoin BTC / USD Yesterday, we recorded a liquidation of only $ 22.94 million. Long and short BTC traders experienced similar pain, with assets trading between $ 22,242 and $ 22,974 in the last 24 hours, closing longs at $ 11.39 million and shorts at $ 11.55 million.

Dogecoin Doge / USD Very few clearings recorded compared to the top two cryptocurrencies. Of the $ 669,000 in DOGE’s liquidation, 75% of traders have long been meme coins.

According to DOGE, it has traded in the range of $ 0.065 to $ 0.068 in the last 24 hours. Data from Benzinga Pro..

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